Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Party!!!

Oh yall I am a tired girl.  Its gonna be a quick one! LOL.

See...I got up SUPER early this morning to run/walk on the treadmill so I could eat a bit more freely today lol. 

it was super early, trust me. 
This is what happened....
Booyah, 308 calories. Hoo rah.
Then breakfast was interesting.  Egg salad made with dijonaise, apple and cheese stick on crackers.

Lunch was yummy! Subway turkey with cheese mustard and veggies and soup! And a serving of light lays
 and yummy strawberries and cool whip!
Dinner was Mcdonalds grilled chicken salad
Ok now for the fun part!!!
The Halloween Party... here are a few pics.
I was a flapper!
Hubs was my Gangsta!
Ok so my teachers house is AWESOME!!!!
HOW COOL IS THIS?? front yard people.
The gate to get in!
My Aunt Delanda, Chauna my kickboxing teacher (host) and ME!
The food was AMAZING.  I had samples of what I deemed caloric worthy haha.  My aunt made this awesome triffle that had chocolate pound cake, cheesecake pudding and cool whip and heath bars and caramel in it. It was awesome yall.  I made a buffalo chicken dip.  There was candy too! I had a reese and some peanut m and m's but didnt go overboard at all.
I tasted a sip or two of sangria but I dont drink so I had diet coke the rest of the night.  If I ever drink anything its maybe a wine with hubby in the hotel on our anniversary or something HAHA.
Plus I dont like wasting calories on drink!!!
Me being ME!
And then Me and my friend Kayla and her mom Darlene!
Yall...I had SO Much fun and it was so fun dressing up.  Hubby liked my outfit too :)
The decorations were to the max yall!! Every inch of the yard and inside!! Even the bathroom was decorated awesome!! They had two fire pits going and tons of people were there.  It was their 9th annual Festival of Lights
So, what was your favorite costume ever??? Or what did you always want to be?
I always wanted to be a princess!! ALWAYS!!!
Have a good night darlings!!!


  1. Oh what a cool looking party! And you and hubby looked so good!!

    That trifle sounds DANGEROUS! The trifle I am used to usually has fruit in it! lol

    1. Thank you Niki!!! Oh it was SO good. I had one serving and stayed away from it!!! Its that dangerous!!!! LOL

  2. Wow, you all matched up great together! They really went all out on decorations! Sheesh! LOL

    1. haha thanks girl!! yes they did!!! it was really stinkin cool!! their trick or treaters must be terrified!! lol

  3. How fun! You look so cute. No one I know ever had fun Halloween partys like this. Maybe I should host one. lol. I miss getting dressed up! OMW... we were poor or something because I always had to go dig in my dad's closet and wear some old flannel shirt and dress up as a hobo...LOL.

    1. Thank you so much Alissa!! :) LOL you need to meet you some cool Halloween party people!! haha But this is the first year I have been to one THAT neat!! LOL Dont feel bad about your dads shirt although that cracks me up!! lol i think you should be a princess this year! :)

    2. Haha. I was always a hobo a lot of years, too! Hiliarious! Maybe that was actually "in" back then. LOL


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