Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tuna & Taco Thursday !

Good news!!

This morning I got the lowest. number. yet.

If you look to the right you will see I have now hit 25 lbs lost.

Yeah, Im pretty stoked.


Ok, breakfast was a quick one.

I tried to make it look purdy for you :)

260 cals
See it smling at you? :)
I ate about half of the banana.
Lunch was pretty good today. 
446 cals
My friend Stacey on youtube lifewithstaceyd (great weight loss youtube channel, by the way!) has gotten me wanting tuna due to her latest video on 4 Healthy Homemade snacks!!
So Tuna it was, with crackers, and I also added in a hard boiled egg.
That is Light Maryland Crab soup put out by Campbell's.  It's pretty good and has an Old Bay taste to it definetly.  Only 80 cals a cup.
And my strawberries. :)
I left work at 3.  Grandma was out of surgery so I left early to go see her.
50 cals
Me and Hubs split this on the way there.
When we got there they were trying to wake her up because she was sleeping too much :(
They wanted her to eat and drink and try as I did, she just wouldnt
She was too sleepy :( But they had given her morphine for the pain! She is 83, what do they expect??
So she was so sweet. She would wake up and sing with us a little bit and go right back to sleep. LOL.
Try as we might we just couldnt get her to wake up. So we let her sleep. She had a fever but it was going down when I left.
We were there from like 4pm till a bit after 8pm. 
By that time we were STARVED
I had eaten one bite of a moon pie (grandmas fave that I brought her) and a coffee with a ton of creamer because it was like the darkest coffee known to man. 
Luckily I had a ton of cals left when we went by taco bell.
Thank the sweet Lord for MFP
I went into the app on my phone and typed in "taco bell fresco" and tons of options popped up. I love it.
580 cals
One fresco steak soft taco.
One fresco chicken soft taco.
Two crunchy fresco beef tacos.
(one is not pictured due to it being scarfed down in the dark on the way home)
So that is it guys.  That's all she wrote.
I hope you all have a fantastic friday tommorow!!!


  1. Congrats on hitting the 25 mark, Lauryn. That is so exciting, I know!

    1. Thank you Staci!!!! It's insane I cant hardly believe im there!!

  2. awww yayyy that's for the little shout out!! CONGRATULATIONS on hitting 25 lbs lost that is a HUGE milestone girl!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!! I had my waffle and PB for breakfast agan and it was sooo good yummm!! AND NOW I am craving Taco Bell thanks to you hahahaha!!! I"m glad your grandmother's fever is going down poor thing!!!! Have a great day lovely!!!

    1. thank you!!! :) and I know i just love that for breakfast!! LOL go get you some healthy taco bell girl!!! hehe...

  3. Awesome! What was your starting weight?? Taco bell is my ultimate downfall...I feel like when I go there I have to get the LARGE pepsi that comes with the meals, wahhhh.

    1. LOL get you a diet pepsi!! :) Luckilly i like diet or i would be in a pickle! Haha. My starting weight was 218 three years ago, I got down to 206 at the beginning of this year and started MFP and it has been 25 lbs since 206 :)

  4. Lauryn!!! 25lbs is amazing. I am so proud of you. You should be so proud of yourself for sticking with it. I just finished my waffles and PB ;0). Have a great day...oh and you should treat yourself this weekend for reaching such a huge goal. No food though...maybe a mani/pedi or a new outfit?

    1. Girl thank you so much!!! I totally have my eye on a cute shirt at Old navy and Target, one of the flannel button up ones! hehehe Good idea!!! :) Thanks for the encouragment Sheila!!


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