Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oatmeal, Grandma & Costco!

Hello lovelies!!

We had a great Sunday today and I hope you did too :)

The scale showed me some love this morning and wasnt bad at all.  I just hope it gives me more love tommorow. HAHA.

Anyways I decided I needed to detox from all my crap last night so I made some Coach's Oats and added a teaspoon of honey, 1 tbsp of mini chocolate chips and 1 teaspoon of brown sugar. 

I also had some coffee too, but not even a whole cup. 

We got ready and went to church, it was great!!
Lunch was our fave, mexican.
Chicken fijitas. YUM!!!! Diet coke. 
Then we went to visit Grandma in rehab.
Um is she not the cutest thing EVER??
She is so stinkin sweet. I loves her :)
These were pics from earlier this week but I wanted yall to see her precious face!!
I cried when we left. 
It makes me so sad to see her in a nursing home even if it is temporary.  I like to ignore how old my grandma is getting. :(
So the hubs took my big baby self to Costco
I have been begging for quite a while to get a membership there and he LET ME!!!
I was so stoked. 
We spent way too much money but whatevs.  We are stocked up now! Haha.
Then I STILL had to get stuff at walmart.
I digress.
So finally I got to eat and I had an Amy's Organic cheddar cheese bean rice burrito thingy. 
It was good. :)
So, today wasnt really too bad.  I am pleased with it and I took a day off from exercising. 
I plan on getting up by 6:15 am and getting my hiney to the gym to do my treadmill thang for at least 45 mins, while I jam to pandora bc my ipod is MIA.
Have a good night my dears!! We are gonna have a rockin healthy week!!!!!


  1. Detoxing with brown sugar, honey, chocolate morsels, and Mexican is MY kind of detox girl! LOL So did the whole revving up the metabolism thing work? It used to always work for me! Yay for scale love! Your grandma looks like a sweetie. :) Looks like she's doing pretty good now.

    1. heheheheh :) yes it was a very plesant detox!!! hahah. But yeah im basically teetering between two numbers and im trying my best to make the dang thing budge!! ok i could probably try harder!! haha but thanks grandmas the best :) she is doing better !!

  2. Grandma is too cute and I'm glad she is getting better and moving around. She will be out of there in no time. Mexican...mmmmm I love it too. I made quesadillas last night. Ok so for Costco I want to get your input. I have a family of 4 and always wonder if it's worth it. You know I am frugal like you so I'm wondering what you think because I know it still requires trips to Aldi or Wal-mart for the little stuff.

    1. Awe thanks! :) I love her she is the cutest!! Um costco, yes I believe it would be worth it, but TOUR it first and make sure they have stuff that you normally buy that you can buy in bulk! Like we bought fruit cups and puddings for me and hubs lunch, and i get my big bag of broccoli there. You can get gas pretty cheap there too!! Some of the stuff is the same as the grocery store but i like getting frozen meals, etc there bc they have a much better selection than regular stores. OH! I got a box of 20 skinny cow ice creams for like 5.99 on sale! I like getting canned chicken there too and getting a great deal on K cups and bulk splenda. But go tour it and then decide but I do like it!!!!

  3. Your Grandma is so cute!!! I miss my Nanna. I don't have any living Grandparents any more so I live vicariously through everyone else's!!

    1. Awe thank you!! Well if she met you she would totally be your "replacement" grandma! LOL MY hubs doesnt have any either and he loves the heck out of her! :)

  4. ummmmmmmmm your Grandma it LITERALLLY the cutest thing ever!!!!

    1. aweee thanks darlin!!! i love herrrr!!!!


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