Wednesday, October 17, 2012

That's Much Better...

Well, Praise the Lord, today was a MUCH better day than yesterday! :)

Thank you all for the prayers and sweet comments about my Grandma. 

I can't tell you how much it means to me.

She is scheduled to have surgery tommorow at 7am!

So this is good. And come to find out her hip is not totally broken so it wont be a full hip replacement, which I am glad about.

Anyways, lets get on to my day!

It was pretty chilly this morning and I kinda wanted something different.  In fact I had been dreaming of my egg salad again because it was so good yesterday.  I boiled 3 eggs at dinner last night so I grabbed one on the go this morning and used out last piece of bread!

205 calories
I actually did NOT eat that banana, and I included 40 calories for my creamer in my coffee. :)
Later, I walked in on my boss eating some crackers that looked yummy.  I decided I wanted some too. Plus, I had errands to run and that would tide me over till the afternoon.
210 calories
They were sooo good. I used to eat these a lot when I was a kid, with a glass bottled coke. Great for upset tummys too :)
And tide me over it did, I didn't care to eat lunch until almost 3pm. I am hoping this is due to a shrinking stomach :) Ah..we can only hope.
But when I finally did break out the goods, good it was :)
404 calories
I had a lean pocket pepperoni pizza with my light lays and strawberries.
Needless to say that lasted until I left work.
Mom came over for us to go walking, so heading out the door I grabbed a small apple with some new peanut butter. It's Peter Pan Whipped and its only 150 cals for 2 tablespoons!
Sorry no pic...I literally swiped the peanut butter on the apple and carried it with me. LOL.
Then hubby got home around 7:30 and I was planning on him being out of town this week.  So I didnt exactly have anything to make him for dinner.  We had to go to walmart for a few things anyway so we stopped at McDonalds.
Hubby got his man food and I got one of my fave fast food salads, the Southwestern Grilled Chicken Salad, it comes with a cilantro glaze drizzled on.  My aunt eats this all the time and so does my friend Staci, its delicious and only 290 calories without dressing.  I eat one pack of Southwest dressing for 100 calories with it.
390 calories

I had an unsweetned large iced tea with splenda and lemon too. 
And Im not gonna lie, I ate two of Hubs fries AND about 1/4 of a cheeseburger.

But guess what?
I had the calories for it.
Woot woot.
So thats all good.

Guilt free Mickey D's.
Well I hope you lovelies have a great evening and a terrific friday eve tommorow!! :)


  1. Girl I have soo many lean pockets in my freezer and I wish I wasn't reading this at 11pm lol!! BUT tomorrow I am going to have a Waffle and 1 TBSP of peanut butter ( and I LOVE Peter Pan so I am going to go buy some whipped thanks for the tip)!!! AND OMG that salad looked soooo good, did it come from McDonald's??? I have to try one! Look at you, I am starting to eat everything you are LOL!!!!!

    1. hahahaha thats so funny bc i used to buy stuff from your grocery hauls all the time!!! hehehe go us!!! You will love it!!!! I am so glad you are liking the food ideas! And yes the salad is McDonalds!!! SOOO YUMMY!!!

  2. OH and I prayed for your Grandma and I am sooo glad she didn't break her whole hip!!! Give her a big hug for me =D

    1. Thank you so much sweetie!!! I cant wait to see her later today!!! :)

  3. OMG and now I want a dang egg sandwich LOL!!

    1. hahah eat one!!! they are amazing!!!! I am like obsessed with them right now hahahaha

  4. I love this! I cannot wait to keep up with your post! Im going to browse through and see your current weight and weightloss story later this evening! :)

    1. Thanks so much girl!!! I am so glad you like it!!! :)

  5. Oh you are making me so hungry! Almost supper time...whew!


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