Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 12: Planking. Sucks.

Whomever invented this "planking" thing should be drug out into the streets and slapped with a phone book.

I am NOT a fan. 


Oh. So not fun is the Day 12 of the 30 day shred.  Only 18 more days. Ugh.

I am already regretting this rash decision I made two Thursdays ago to randomly start this crap.

Haha. Ok well not completely regretting it. 

But let me tell you...level 2 sucks. Which scares me for level 3. 

The only bright side to this is that my body is conditioning itself.  Meaning, if something starts out super hard...makes me gasp for breath...pant...distort my face & usually ends up getting easier.  I hate to admit it, but it does.  It's just hard to remember that on Day 2 when Jillian is yelling that she wants us to feel like we are about to DIE.

I feel slimmer though and I feel like my stomach doesn't protrude nearly as much.  It's pretty bad when you are missing bicycle crunches because you would MUCH rather do them than some planking twist nonsense that is supposed to work your abs. 

Its a blue miracle I didn't fall face first into some carpet burn. 

Anyways my sweet sweet Hubby is home tonight! Three cheers!!! No more night shift...for at least a few days I think LOL.

Ok so in other news, my Victoria Secrets order came into today! Yesss!  My Alabama yoga pants are the star of the show...

Ok so I wanted to share a lunch I had today with you all to give you an idea of how to spruce up your little frozen meals.

This was a lasagna with meat sauce from lean cuisines, 320 cals. I had a spinach salad with turkey pepperoni (8 tore up) and the Italian roasted red pepper dressing (SO GOOD!).  I was seriously like raking my greedy little fork over these plastic dishes when they were empty trying to get the very last little yummy!
What did you have for lunch today! Let me know in the comments, I am always looking for good ideas!!!


  1. I love planks you always feel them the next day :) bestie

  2. With a phone book, Lauryn? Seriously, why so cruel? Lol Today's lunch was Smart Ones burgers. You already know about those. I am no help. :)

    1. bahaha yes and not some small town phone book..Im talking Austin, TX size phone book!! LOL I love me some of those burgers girl...yumm!!

  3. Lunch was leftover quesadillas from Sunday night and some refried beans. I love the way you spruce up the frozen meals!

    1. thank you sheila!! oh that sounds yum!! i have leftover mexican today!!!


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