Friday, December 7, 2012

Hot Lunch Date, Christmas Party & Major Brownie Points!

Hey ladies!!!

Sorry I didnt get this up last night I got home late and didnt get to bed till almost midnight!!! But I had so much fun yesterday I had to share!

Ok so hubby came home yesterday after being out of town all week.  He finally had a day off where he wasnt sick all day!! (He was off sunday but SICK!)

So I was so happy I made him some extra of treats I made for the Bible study Christmas party!

He took me to lunch yesterday at our fave mexican place!!

 He is my angel :)
I got the lunch fijitas and only had one tortilla, with sour cream on the side that I gave to hubby!  Also got a side of lettuce to bulk it up!
Then I had to work the rest of the day !
Hubby had errands to run and things to do too.
Well I came home...and on my way I called him.
He said to make sure that I called him when I got on our road so he can put something up.
I was like OK?
I pulled into a really DARK house with only our Christmas tree lights showing through the window...
I got off the phone with my cousin and looked back up and the ENTIRE house was lit up!!!!
He had put all of our Christmas lights up that day to SUPRISE ME!!!!
I freaking love that boy.
Ok so then I made buffalo chicken dip and these pretzel things with a hershey kiss and m&m on top to take to the party.
It was awesome by the way!  April's house was decorated amazing, she has two trees, lights up outside and just amazing decorations!  (When she got married her husbands side threw them a Christmas shower!)
She also had made my FAVORITE oreo balls!!!! I only get them once a year!!! :)
And crock pot hot apple cider :)
Thats our host, April, she is also my sweet cousin :)
We all wore our pajamas!!!
Her tree!

My pj's and red toes :)


April, Cristina and my other cousin Hayley!
All of us girls!
We went and looked at Christmas lights in the neighborhood to end the night, it was great!!
I will see you all back today hopefully with a wonderful day to report!!


  1. What a sweet husband! He's a keeper :)
    Looks like it was a great party.

    1. He is totally a sweetie!! :) Thank you it was wonderful!!

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