Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Party Weekend & finally got that cheesecake!

Wow! It has been one whirlwind weekend folks!!

Lets see...saturday I had to work...for breakfast I had this little guy...

VERY good. I like these bars.  And they are for women too. Love.
Then I went to the gym and got in my 5th workout of the WEEK!
Elliptical and treadmill! Holla atcha girl!!
All nice and sweaty I left and went to walmart. Ah so joyous this holiday season.
I had a subway meatball sandwich with no cheese (only parmesean) and olives, bell peppers, banana peppers, and onions on top.
2.00 right now, so that wasnt bad at all.
Then I did my shopping and came home and as soon as I got in the door my aunt called me.
She needed comeone to come stay with Grandma because she had just got called into surgery at the hospital (she is a OR nurse).
So I ran over there till my uncle could come over.
So I got home around 4 ish and took a bath then we had to head to my father in laws house!
He made his famous spaghetti.
I had this plate which was not a whole lot honestly and went back for a little bit of seconds.  The salad was hardly any calories with just a lettuce mix and light balsamic dressing.  I had THREE pieces of 50 cal bread though :( with brummel and brown on top.
Then later we had some of these for desert but you will be proud, I left them with the FIL.
Had some good fatty milk too lol.
Then we got home and I taste tested a couple cookies that I baked my aunts, sugar cookies. 
Well its the truth. 
Up till 12 wrapping presents.
Then this morning we went to church!
Then I made my green bean caserole (my signature dish) and went to my family's Christmas party!
I had the yummiest plate of food ever, I think I was making up for missing Thanksgiving :)
And in that cup is a delicious diet cranberry ginger ale.
Yeah that is a fat girl plate right there yall!!
It was soooo good.
Then I had some sausage balls too. My cousin made these espically by my request.  She makes them usually every year and its like a miracle if you get any before they get gone!!
Yeah I had like 5.
Then she also stayed up till like 2:30 AM making her delicious sugar cookies with homemade icing by request of ME!!!! They are seriously the most AMAZING sugar cookies ever!!!!
She should be a baker.
She made my wedding cake yall.  That is how good she is.
Also on there is her brother's amazin chocolate pie. SO GOOD.
And peppermint coolwhip and a chocolate cupcake.
Ok here is my plates when I was done before I chunked them in the garbage.
At 6pm we had to be at Kabutos for my company Christmas party!
I got hibatchi chicken and shrimp.  I would have totally taken a pic by my phone died!!! :(
We had a blast though. 
They start you off with clear soup.
Then a salad (ginger dressing for me).
Then you get noodles and veggies and two shrimp.
And then fried rice (i asked for steamed).
And then chicken and shrimp!
I did eat some shrimp sauce :( But I drank diet coke all night...
We had our pick of deserts and me and hubs shared a piece of cheesecake and this time it was FREE and it was on a day that I had planned on over-eating the calories so I am not going to guilt myself for it.  I worked good and hard for this cheesecake and this party food this week!
Plus it was a REALLY small piece of cheesecake, for a restaurant size at least!
But we had a great time.  I had two healthyish lemon squares when we visited my parents later tonight, we also went by Target and got a few things and its back the to normal grind tommorow.  I have all my healthys planned out. 
A failure to plan is a plan to fail!!
LOL. haha.
OK so what did yall do this weekend????
I was much more mindful and tons of ppl told me I looked great which made me feel good.
Oh and one more thing.
Saw the...
Down .2 from my lowest number baby!!!  SO excited!!!
Prob wont see that tommorow but WHATEVER. lol
Good night loves!!!!!
We are worth this!!  We can enjoy our favorite foods and enjoy life at the same time!! I think it is possible!!!
I love you all!!


  1. You are so right Lauryn! You can totally enjoy your life & have the things you want...sometimes if I'm truly craving something one day, I just PLAN on having it on a cheat meal or whatever. It's so much better for me that way I don't even feel guilty about it. I ate like a hog yesterday AND went some over my cals on Friday but not much. We said our final goodbyes to Curley (my brothers dog I was telling you about)...he had to be put to sleep Saturday morning, so that was just an incredibly sad/bad day all around for us. He's in a better place than we are now & pain free though (and reunited with his girl, Taco.) I'm so proud of you! And I knew you would have so many compliments because you look FAB :)Love you!

    1. Awww thanks honey!!!! And thats so sad about poor Curley!!! I hate that for yall :( You are right, sometimes we just have to roll with the punches and just pick right back up, its all we can do! But yea it was a pretty good weekend!!!! :)

  2. Shoot, you may even see lower tomorrow because of metabolism shock! Never know! I like Luna bars, too. Wonder when someone will sue them for discrimination for being a woman's bar? Hahaha. Wouldn't doubt it AT ALL! Blah! ;)

    1. Hahahha I was definetly up like 3 lbs before I used the potty haha!! But whatever I ate oatmeal for breakfast and I am having salad for lunch, getting right back on it!!! LOL Yeah...i couldnt be THAT lucky!! lol..oh and if they sue luna they have to sue dr pepper 10, its a MANS drink! hahahah

  3. Sounds like you had a very busy but great weekend. My and the honey had a way overdue date night Saturday which was nice and yesterday I wrapped presents and we had a movie day. So glad I have a short week and ready for some time off. So proud of you for that low number ;0)

    1. Awwee!! SO sweet, I love date nights!!!! I got a ton of wrapping done too, so glad its almost done, I like haveing them under the tree to look at!! :) Sounds like you had a great weekend girlie ;)

  4. Yummmm all that food looks so good! We all need those eat whatever you want days once and a while!


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