Friday, December 14, 2012

Sketti Night

Hey guys!

Sorry I didnt post last night our internet wasnt has been acting up a LOT latley which makes me mad. Anyways.  Here is a short recap (bc i am at work now) of yesterday!!

Another good one by the way!

Iced coffee and egg and cheese sandwich!
Yummy and filling!
Did a little shopping on my lunch break!!
I resisted the free chick fila sandwich coupon I had though and ate what I brought :)
More Ashleys soup, 100 cal doritos and one cheese stick and water
A tangerine
I REALLY wanted chocolate yesterday afternoon but I had this beauty instead.
Came home and went to Kickboxing...!!
Yay for getting in exercise 4 days in a row! holla!!
Then I may or may not have had like 3-4 hershey kiss candy cane kisses before I left.
After kickboxing I made spaghetti.
I had about one serving of noodles, which for some reason all broke when we cooked them! WEIRD!

They are the ronzoni healthy ones.

The sauce was made of one jar of classico tomatoe and basil (big jar of costco) and a HALF a pound lean ground beef (I halved the pound I used for Ashley's soup and froze it) and I added a small can of mushrooms (drained) almost all of one bell pepper and almost all of one medium onion. Also added some salt and pepper and italian seasoning.

The salad had cheese on it with onion, bell pepper and olives with light balsamic dressing.

I had two pieces of butter (brummel and brown) bread.

Then I had a few more kisses!!

But I did great with calories yesterday and working out, sooo happy.

This weekend will be hard but I think Im ready for it!

Tonight I am going to try to get in another workout and also maybe have these delicious chicken burger things we got at Costco.

Then tommorow night I need to wrap presents. And we are going to my father in laws to eat spaghetti (his is da bomb good yall) so I will need to spread my calories accordingly! Which is easy bc I dont snack a lot on saturdays.

THEN Sunday will be the real kicker. We have church way early then my familys annual Christmas party (Mom's side with Grandma and all her kids and grandkids) and there will be some yUM tastic food there which I will eat but try to photo for you all!! And THEN later that night my boss is taking us to a japanese restaurant for our Christmas party. Photos to come!!


  1. OOH...Japanese will be yummy. And there are lots of healthier choices there!

    1. i know right! maybe some lobster since the boss is buying haha!!


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