Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Skinny in the bed and a chubby in the kitchen

Hellooo out there! We are over wednesday people!!!

Happy 12/12/12 yadda yadda. Im sure you have seen that 50 million times on facebook today so I will not bore you with the chit chat. :)

Your welcome.

Anyways it was SUPER cold and rainy alllll day today.

This morning I woke up and got everything ready for work!  I had an iced coffee that is a dupe for Mcdonalds iced caramel coffee.  This is a youtube video by my friend Stacey (lifewithstaceyd) and her husband Joseph made on his way of making the coffee.  You can watch it here.

Its seriously SO good yall!!!!

380 cals
The way I do Joseph's iced coffee it comes out to 133 calories!!! I nearly burnt my bread but I had my good ole egg and cheese sandwich again! Love it.
So later on I had lunch!
More of Ashley's soup, a cheese stick, 100 cal doritos
442 calories
Then this afternoon I decided I needed a snack.
So I had most of the bag of popcorn, 2 tangerines and a water with the mango pineapple honey lipton tea thing mixed in my water.
58 cals for tangerines, 75 cals for popcorn
5 cals for water but i didnt drink all of it
So then I got home and let me just tell yall.
It gets dark around 5pm.
I leave work at 6, get home about 10-15 mins later and it was COLD.
Hubs had been home since early afternoon.
I really, really wanted to just stay home and cook. And eat.
But I got a Christmas card in the mail from one of my fave's Sheila! Sheila always comments on here, she is so sweet, and she continues to lift me up and encourage me even on days when things are going completley crazy and I am shoving cookies in my mouth :)
She wrote some of the SWEETEST things about me and the blog and I just cant tell yall how much it touched my heart!! To think that this little blog actually reaches and helps someone besides ME, makes it all soooo worth it.
That was the kick in the rear I needed to get my happy self to the gym.
Oh and thanks for the card Sheila, it was too funny because I mailed yours at lunch today, along with the rest of my late Christmas cards, sorry family! LOL.
In fact if you are related you may not want to continue reading. Haha.
As I was getting ready to leave Hubs was intrigued that I actually had motivation to leave the house but also dissapointed because I wasnt going to start cooking.
I said, "I know what you want. You want a skinny girl in the bed and a chubby one in the kitchen cooking you dinner! You cant have them both, it doesn't work that way!"...hahaha he smiled because he knows its true!
He said he likes having a chubby one in the bed in wintertime to keep him warm.
He is such a mess. LOL.
He didnt give me a hard time though and I was out the door in no time and BOY am I glad I went tonight.
Tonight I walked for 3 mins on the treadmill and then ran for 12. 
That run was HARD yall, I am not going to lie.
If Gangum style hadnt came on Pandora, it would have been a very long 12 minutes.
Then I did the elliptical for 15 with half crappy music.
I have a pink ipod shuffle on my Christmas list :)
Anyways as I was LEAVING I said bye to the gym's manager who I have known since I joined last year when they built it. She said bye and then..."Have you lost weight?"
I replied..."Thanks!" LOL.
She asked how much and said that she could tell and that I was dedicated and I am always here!!
Haha, my second home, a gym, that is hilarious.
So that my friends, was probably the BEST compliment I have recieved as of YET.
Although there are a ton of others that have absoutley thrilled me and made this journey so much more worth it.
Dinner was salmon burgers again!
We had those pesto pasta shells, green beans and burger pattys.  So easy and quick and yummy!!
My knee started to hurt a bit on the elliptical so I put a bag of frozen (and expired) pineapple tidbits on it to ice it and ate me two tangerines :)
Now its time to get everything ready for bed! I went to bed way too late last night and I need to make up for it!
Good night & sweet dreams & remember YOU are worth it and I love ya!!!!


  1. Do you know the first thing I thought when I saw Sheila's card? I thought THOSE ARE BABY FOOTPRINTS! She's telling us she's pregnant!!! Total misread. haha Your skinny/chubby comment caught me totally off guard and I got a good chuckle out of that one! Lol

    1. hahah no preggo!!! LOL i thought that comment was funny and very insightful on my part! LOLOLOL

  2. Way to go on working out!!
    Cute card :)
    Nice days eats. I love seeing what you cook. Love your blog!

    1. Awe thank you suzi! you are so sweet!!! And the card is presh, i loves it :)

  3. Awwww this really made me smile today Lauryn! I am so glad that you liked the card...I really meant what I put on there. I'm not sure if you really know that sometimes something as simple as a blog can really have an impact on people. So keep it up!

    Oh and way! I work at a hospital and those cards are made with the newborn footprints here and then the proceeds from the cards go back to the hosptial and they are soo cute!

    1. Awww I am so glad bc it put a smile on MY face last night!! I even read it to hubs I was so excited hehe~!! You are so sweet Sheila and I mean every word I said!! And I am so proud of you too!!!!

  4. Good for you getting back to the gym!

  5. I LOVE that the girl at the gym said you are always there! How cool is that? You are doing so good and I appreciate all of your blog readers and how they motivate you. Thank you Sheila for inspiring her!! I love you sweet girl!!!(Mama)


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