Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Blues

Today wasnt a bad day.

In fact, I ate well and made it to kickboxing.

But I feel sort of depressed.

I know TOM is approaching and that probably has something to do with my hormones but I just feel like I have been in a rut since I took that wedding dress off on November 18th.

That was my last big goal. 

I have gained like 4 lbs since then with vacation and me refusing to devote 100% like I had been doing.

I feel like I NEED something to work towards again.

Hubs promised 7 new outfits a LONG time ago if I could get to 150.  He could care less if I get below 150 and he thinks that "should" be my goal weight, so he set up a little reward there.  It's not my GOAL weight but its my FIRST goal.

Deep breath...

As of this morning I am back up to 182.  I had saw 178 before vacation. 

UGH.  I get SO SICK of this weight loss game yall!!!

I am just being totally real and putting it out there.


It's December and I want to bake yummy things and EAT them. Not give them away LOL!

I want to eat at parties and I want to get pizza and watch Christmas movies with my husband...and I want those darn Christmas tree cakes!!!

I am having a pity party. I realize this.  But this is my blog dang it, and I will party if I want to! haha.

Ok, in all seriousness...I need a new goal.

Putting it all out there for yall seems to make me work my hiney off...so lets try that again.

I want to be at 150 by my birthday-March 5th. 

I think that is SORTA do-able. That is 32 lbs in 3 months. How about this...if I get INTO the 150's by my birthday that would be fantastic as well.  And maybe a bikini by summer??!!

Ah ok lets not get ahead of ourself while visions of Christmas tree cakes are dancing in our heads...but what a great way to pop that bubble...think of bikinis!

What do yall think? Is that do-able?  I think its totally do able.  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Phillipians 4:13

 I can do anything. 

But just doing it, is the hard part.

Ok...on to food pics before I make yall my personal shrinks!!

shake-160 (Chocolate is good too by the way) and breakfast lean pocket 180 cals
subway cold cut 6 inch-they were 2.00 not bad 410 calories with cheese, veggies and mustard.
one serving of taco soup 106 cals
about 8-9 apples 85 ish calories
145 cals
I had the rest of this protein bar from yesterday, its really good!
Then I came home and had a healthy dinner
salmon burger-170 cal
broccoli-50 cal
cheese-55 cal
rice-1 cup prob 200 cals (160 cals for 3/4 cup)
THEN i got all hungry again. Whatever. I ate some exercise calories.
bread 120 cals/ black and blue jelly-one tbsp prob 60 cals/natural pb one tsp 50 cals?
I got these babies on vacation ...from a local business. 
The owners are so sweet and they let you sample everything there..if you travel to TN mnts let me know and I will tell you where to go. 
It was life changing toast let me tell you.
Ok so lets all hope the motivation bug bites me in my sleep tonight and I wake up tommorow with the jolt I need.
Thanks for all your support guys, it means A LOT!


  1. I am so feeling you on this girlie. Sometimes it just feels like it's too hard and it will be a life long struggle. It's so much easier to just give up, be fat, and eat and do whatever you want. Uugghhh....I know. But we can't do that. This is why it's so good that you have this blog and that you are completely real with us because often we feel the same way. Luckily we have you and the ML group to help us when we are feeling this way. I went through this same thing after Thanksgiving and I had such a hard time getting back on track. You can do it Lauryn and yes you can reach your goal by your birthday. You fit in that wedding dress right? You looked smoking hot in your vacation pics right? You can do this too!

    1. awww thanks sheila, you always make me feel better! LOL I know I just have to put my mind to it, and honestly i feel better today, I am just going to keep keepin on!! LOL

  2. So here's my 2 cents. Yes, I'm sure it's doable. But is it doable in a safe, stress free way? My friend had goals like this, highly reduced her calories, lost 125 lbs... and once she reached goal eventually gained it nearly all back by being so happy to be over the stress of strict dieting. :( SO, with Christmas and New Year's and V-day all coming up before your b-day, why don't you be kind to yourself and say like 165 by your b-day and 150 by May 1st or something? 165 is still way better than 178 and 180s, right? That's just my opinion, but you need to give yourself breathing room and grace. Also, didn't you recently cut your calories back to like 1200 to get into the dress? Maybe raise them back to 1500 until you get past Christmas. That way, when/if you go over, you won't feel like you went over so badly. The mind is a crazy thing. It needs tricked sometimes. Feel free to plunge ahead to 150, but you asked! Haha I'm sorry you feel blue. Was it gloomy there today? It was here, and I also felt blah and "who cares" all day. This really IS hard. I laid down, quit, and now I'm back to square one. Ughhhhh! PS - quit talking about pizza! Haha, totally kidding!

    1. LOL sorry sorry!!! hahaha its a trigger food for me too, for reals!!!! thanks for your honesty girl!!!! I really appreciate it!! I know that is kinda high and honestly if I hit 159 by my bday i would be THRILLED hahah!! so maybe thats what i will go for! But yea I DID put my calories back to 1500 so hopefully that will work again...I was down a bit this morning, so I was happy about that!! Its a journey not a sprint, must remind self!!! lol

  3. I know EXACTLY how you feel Lauryn!! Oh my god! I could have written this blog - in fact I should write a blog since it's been a while since I wrote anything on my blog! I have managed to gain 12 pounds since coming back from my wedding/honeymoon/vacation! We just need to remember we are more than capable of doing this weight loss thing! Why not focus on losing just 5 pounds. Then when you get to that goal - make another goal of losing 5 pounds. Break it down in to easy manageable chunks (ha!) You can do it!! We are all here for you! =) Hope you have a great day, girl!!

    Eve xoxo

    1. Thats a good idea! I might do that and set mini goals and reward myself! Good idea!! I know girl...I think we are all in a rut right now...I hate it!!! :( We must get out...I know january seems to give people a shot in the arm so i am trying to survive the holidays!! LOL we can do this girl!!! i feel better this morning!!

  4. I think 24 lbs is doable in that time! Just 2 a week, then you wouldn't be far from your goal, right? It might be more realistic too with the holidays because you will want to indulge/imbibe a bit :P. You can do this!

    1. Yes that would be a good idea!! Because you are totally right..holidays holidays LOL.

  5. I could of written this blog!! word for word!!! Since Thanksgiving I can not manage to get back on track! I have gained 4.6 pounds and I ate reeses today!! I don't know what to do to get back on track and Christmas is right around the corner!! I think 24 pounds is doable, but with Christmas, I agree with the comments above, maybe reduce your goal some so you can enjoy Christmas, New year, and Valentines a "little". good luck to you!!


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