Monday, December 3, 2012

A Sun Shiny Day!

Hello beautiful people!

Today was gorgeous office was still freezing but everywhere else was a cool 70 ish degrees in our town!

Very weird for December...but eh, it's the Carolinas..what do you expect? LOL

Ok so today was AWESOME pretty much eating wise!

I got up early and worked out with my cousin again, 20 minutes walking and 15 minutes on the elliptical.

I had my protein shake for breakfast with some apple slices and one candy cane hershey kiss from a co worker.

shake 160 cals/apples 43 (ish) cals/ hershey kiss about 22 cals
Then for a snack around noon I had half of this protein bar for 145 cals and some water with this Honey tea..Mango/Pineapple.  My cousin told me about this and its delicious!! Seriously. GO GET SOME!
Then for lunch around 1pm I had my tuna salad 150 cals with 35 cals worth of FF mayo and onions and pickle which I didnt count cals for.
I had those veggie chips up top (130 cals) and broccoli slaw (barley anything) plus some Lite Balsamic dressing (30 cals) and did NOT eat that egg.
I did have a small box (VERY SMALL) of junior mints which I did not count, I am kinda using that for a exercise freebie.  I know it doesnt make sense, just go with it.
Later in the afternoon I had a bag of popcorn for 100 cals.
Then I got home from work and had a dern piece of pizza that was leftover.
It said 180 cals on MFP but i think it should be more like 250 who knows.
Then I made my fijitas!
200 cals for chicken plus onion (? cals) and bell pepper (around 25 cals)
I ate them just like that no bread no toppings.
Then I had dinner part C!
Taco soup from WW's
I heard this at a WW meeting a long time ago and I might be missing a can of something ...but its basically one can corn (drained) one can FF refried beans, one can rotel and one can chicken broth.
It comes out to 106 calories and you get 6 cups out of it.  Not bad.
I had 55 cals worth of cheese on top. So good.
I ended great today and I may have a hot chocolate.
ALSO I drank all my water!!! YAY!!!!
Night loves!!!
 P.S. I gave up a lunch of FREE Arbys with my sweet grandmother and Mom to eat that tuna salad.  Just for the record :)


  1. I would love that Mango/Pineapple honey Tea!!! Gotta find that stuff!!! :)

  2. How did you season your fajitas? Have you ever tried one of those fajita dry saesoning packs? The ones that are like in a ouch like taco seasoning. Gosh I am so obsessed with fajitas at the mexican restaurant & I wish I had an inside informant at one of my fave restaurants to give me the deets on how they make it so delish lol

    1. hahaha u are so funny!! actually they were purchased from walmart in a pack for 2.50 that was Tyson grilled and ready fjita chicken! So they were already seasoned! But I added some cumin (great mex spice) and salt and pepper, it was yummy!!

  3. I meant *pouch obviously lol

  4. Awww, sorry you passed up lunch with your family but that probably would've triggered other bad choices today so you made a smart move. Omgosh.... I can't believe I looked at your pizza! LOL

    1. Hahah aww girl I ALMOST didnt post it bc I was like...oh dear I do not want to send staci into convulsions today!! LOL but i was like OH well I need to post what I ate and fess up LOL. But if it makes you feel better i threw the rest of the pizza away/gave to dog and it wasnt that good anyways LOL!!

  5. I hope you make it to kickboxing tonight! Yay! Great food day too! I think I'll have to try the taco soup :)

  6. Definitely hope you make it to kickboxing tonight! YAY! I will also definitely need to try the taco soup too! When I make fajitas I use Badia Fajita seasoning mix. It's in a plastic can like Parmesan cheese comes in and its great!

    1. oohhh cool i will have to look for that!!! I should totally be there tonight if nothing happens!!!! I miss my kickboxing and my auntie delanda!!!! love you!!

  7. So glad you had a good day yesterday and got your workout in. How do you make your fajitas? Remember the last time I tried they turned out gross?

    1. haha i did the lazy girl way sheila! i bought a package for 2.50 at walmart called Tyson grilled and ready chicken fijitas...and they were already seasoned, so i just heated them up basically and i added a little cumin and salt and pepper, although cumin is not necessary but i also chopped up a whole bell pepper and a bit of onion!

    2. You call it lazy...I call it smart. That is such an easy dinner night idea.


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