Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Success!!!! Take that Moes...

FINALLY thrilled to report a great day on plan, workout and all!!

I know yall just arent going to belive it. haha.

But its true! Woot woot! I tell yall the bad, yall know Im gonna tell yall the good!!

This morning I had the last bagel as I was running out the door!! With honey walnut cream cheese whipped or something of the sort.

I ate it in the car and forgot to take a pic sorry guys :(

Bagel-220 cals
Cream Cheese-35 cals (maybe more but I am just counting a tbsp)
Coffee creamer-60 cals

Then for lunch I almost got SUBWAY for lunch but I decided to get some food at Aldis.  WAYYY cheaper. I got these Aldi's brand of like hot pockets...but it was BETTER to me than hot pocket brand.  $1.89 for two is a great deal and I got a bag of baby carrots for like 69 cent and then a bag of baked bbq chips for like either 1.79 or 1.99 and had a serving of those and carrots.  I also bought some other things we needed.

YUMMY and I will prob have the other pocket tommorow!
Pepperoni pocket-270 cals
Baked BBQ chips-120 cals
Carrots-about 12 cals
Then I had a snack for desert.  Banana cream pie fit & active yogurt and I had some of these cookies with them but they were not that good so I ate only a couple and threw it away.
90 cals for yogurt
Then I went to the gym with Bestie...we did 20 minutes of the stair climber...which was PURE torture.  I thought I was going to fall off, puke and go all out biggest looser style. I mean my heart was beating out of my CHEST people and sweat was everrrrwhere.
I also did the bike for like at least 20 mins if not 30.  To be honest I needed a cool down becasue the stair master kicked my ever loven hiney.  Then I went home while Bestie tanned. 
Dinner was made while chatting with my mother on the phone (hi Mom!) and it was tuna helper!  I had one cup measured out and green beans with onions in them. 
tuna helper-250 cals
green beans- 40 cals
I think I put some brummel and brown in the green beans while cooking, but I am not counting cals for that lol.
Then for a desert I had a gala apple cut up and sprinkled cinnamon on it.
apple-60 cals
cinnamon-18 cals
This was such a delicous and satisifying desert yall! 

Please try it!  Also try it with Mom's Apple dip, its on the blog!
I was under calorie today I am soooo happy!!


  1. I know it felt great to have a really good day. You didn't text me back!!! I needed you to comfort me! LOLOL Great job exercising! I had a pepperoni lean pocket today, too. Funny!

    1. oh man iam so sorry!! i got that text while driving and forgot to text u back!!! Im sorry I am a terrible friend!! LOL I will text you now hehe :)

  2. It's always a good feeling to have a good day! Good job!

  3. I am so glad that you had a great day. I am so jealous that you get to leave and can go to Aldi. I park kind of far away and don't have time to leave and go far. I have been sucking at bringing lunch lately since I am not cooking a lot because I am in class. I need to find some quick healthy options so that I am better prepared. Happy Friday Eve!

    1. Aww girl I hate that for you!!! It really helps when your environment is health friendly!! Go though and try those pockets they are soo good, even the banana cream yogurt was good, 39 cent!!! Happy Friday Eve to you too sweetie!!!


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