Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Evil Moe's.

Hello there lovies!

Wow I feel like its been a super long time since I have done a blog post with pics!

Ok so today was NOT good calorie WISE. However. I still TRIED and I took pics for you.

Arent I awesome?


Anyways! Its a start. Gotta start somewhere once you have decided not to give up haha.


Coffee-2 cals?
Creamer-30 cals
Cottage cheese light-80 cals for half cup
Pineapple chunks-1/4 cup for 30 cals
Ok breakfast was like the ONLY successful "meal" today if you call that a  meal.
Lunchtime rolled around and hubby had came by my work.  He is working nights this week and I was thrilled that we could go to lunch together because I figured I wouldnt see him hardly at all.  Yesterday he worked from like 6am-12:30 pm with about a 30 minute break at home between two different jobs they were on.
So, needless to say I was happy that we could have lunch together unexpectedly.
Bad part is, I picked Moes.
Listen...it was 60 plus degrees, sunny skies and a sweet frog was next door.  How could I not pick Moes? haha.
I shall not pick you again unless I plan on eating lettuce without a side of chips.
OK their CHIPS, which I had never realized are 360 calories PEOPLE!!!!!
Which is like barely an ounce and half the time they arent that generous.
So I thought I was doing good and got 2 chicken CRUNCHY tacos. Little bit of cheese, no sour cream or anything else bad. 
It was still 230 cals a taco!!!
Not a happy camper with over an 800 cal lunch.
For fun, I checked out hubs burrito...clocking in OVER 1,000 calories JUST the burrito!!!
Beware if you are going to Moes!
Ok so then to add insult to injury...unawares...lol I went to sweet frog to get some fro yo.
I had about 4 oz's and actually did good..the thin mint fro yo was only like 55 cals and I have no clue how much the toasted marshmallow was because it wasnt on my fitness pal. 
Ok so then by the grace of God, I didnt eat anything till I got home.
But in a state of HAUNGRY I ate two pieces of skinny cow candy for like 100 cals almost and then I made dinner.
toast-160 cal
burger-280 cal
cheese-50-60 cal?
annies mac and cheese- not sure, didnt look to be honest
sweet potatoe fries-75 cals
broccoli-35 ish cals
mayo-50 cals
pickle-5 cal?
Then I may or may not have eaten some reese whoppers with hubs. BADNESS.
I admittedly probably had two servings so 2 times like 190.
Maybe not quite two but CLOSE. 
Well tommorow is another day and at least I tracked most of today and took pics that is a start LOL.
I hope you all had a great tuesday!


  1. A start is a start, and being honest is a good start. :)

  2. I felt a very strong pang of envy when you mentioned 60 degrees and sunny skies....SIGH! Jealous! You were honest today... Believe me, that's huge!

    1. it was so rainy at first but then it got beautiful!!! i was happy lol! and thank u i am trying!!

  3. Ahhh good ole Moes. I love me some Moes and you would think it's healthy right? Wrong! But I still love it too. You still made progress so kudos for that. I also want to tell you how refreshing your honesty is. I see so many blogs that appear perfect when this is just not reality. So thank you for being honest with us and letting us see the bad with the good because I know I need that. We all struggle and have bad days but to know that you have been so successful is such great encouragement.

    1. Aww you are so sweet sheila and always an encouragment to me! Thank you! I know...Moes is supposed to be like organic so that is good but MAN i had no idea how horrible it was! I think I would be better off at taco bell HAHA.

    2. Yes you would have because their fresco tacos are like 160ish calories each. I know it's not as good as Moes but it will satisfy the mexican cravings.


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