Monday, March 18, 2013

The Old Man is Snoring

Its raining, its pouring the old man is snoring!

Its SUPER cold and stormy outside right now!!!

Where did my beautiful sunny 70 degree weather go?

Oh well. I did NOT let it keep me away from the gym tonight, holler!

Ok so breakfast was cool!

I had coffee on the way to work, 15 cal creamer then I had a new rachel ray oatmeal-berry cherry or something like that? It was great!

150 cals
Please do NOT ever tell me its more expensive to eat healthy.
I used to get a biscuit every morning people.  That is wayyyy more expensive than a box of 8 packs of oatmeal for 2 BUCKS!
I know fruit and veggies and all that cost a bit, but thats if you dont buy whats in season and you shop at Whole Foods.  Go to your local farmers market, trader joes, aldis, walmart if you have to and just be smart about it.  Dont buy things you WONT eat, and then actually eat them.  Dont let them go to waste and dont get a candy bar from the vending machine when you have an apple in your bag.  THATS when it gets expensive...when you buy junk AND healthy food. 
Just start slow and replace some snacks and then slowly incorporate healthy foods into your life. 
Ok, rant over. Haha, sorry!  Ok so then later on I had a banana, 90 cals.
And for lunch I had the normal pizza pocket from aldis, chips and carrots.
Except I had like three servings of chips. Boo.
pizza pocket-270
Then later on in the afternoon I had a chocolate dipped coconut bar. 
My Mom turned me on to these and they are really good!
150 cals
Then I went to the gym and did 25 mins on treadmill, running 20 of it.
Elliptical, stairmaster, and messed around on like two machines.
Came home and hubby had dinner ready !
frozen chinese stuff all from aldis!
Orange chicken-470 cals (for barely any food!)
Potstickers-1 and 2/3 servings-225
mini chicken egg rolls-180 cals
It was soo good.

Then I had two sugar free chocolate fudge pops for 40 cals each.
Now its raining and Im sooo tired so I am going to bed!
But first see my belated birthday present my sweet co worker got me, its SOOO me and I have wanted one sooo bad!!
The cupcake scentcy and the happy birthday wax melts!!
Smells like straight up spun sugar buttercream icing!!! SOOO amazing!!
Ok that is all for today loves, night!!!


  1. Cold and yucky here today, too. Wahhhh. I agree with you on the eating healty... except when you're buying for several. I bought $7 in watermelon and it was gone in 2 servings for us! I can buy other "snacks" cheaper that last longer, but they're crap. Ticks me off so bad! And if I tell them it's "just for me because I'm eating healthy," they all stand around staring at me and I feel like a dog. ROFL But anyway, it's not like I'd trade my kids for a cheaper grocery bill. Haha Good for you for hitting the gym. Looks like you had a good day! :)

    1. Thats true about when you are feeding a lot of people but if you get a bag of apples or something thats not too bad...assuming your kids all eat apples! LOL I know with kids its hard! Plus watermelon is prob expensive right now but it should drop in price here shortly..hey about 5 mins from my house they have a watermelon festival in july!! hollar! I totally need to go this year. Although the town is a bit gangsta, there was a chick fight one year lol two girls about to tear into each other, crazies!!!

  2. And I wasn't arguing against what you said about eating healthy costing too much. I was just griping at my own scenario of how much dang fruit it takes to feed all these kiddos and so it does add up to bunches. Grrrrr. LOL Just wanted to clarify! :)

    1. yeah that is they like grapes? sometimes you can find them 99 cent a pound!! But I Hate paying 3.00 a pound which i end up doing sometimes, that is RIDICULOUS. Fruit is ridiculously expensive sometimes, I get the little fruit cups too and those are good and they dont go bad quick!

    2. Yeah, right now grapes are 1.99 a pound ON SALE, but normally I have to pay 2.79 per pound. Blah. So crazy! Apples are 2.99 a bag when they're on sale, so it's not horrible. I used to go to Aldi's each week, but some Aldi's are better than others. Our store has kinda crummy f/v that rot really fast. Too bad because the prices are so good! But I've not been in a while. I need to go back. It's just that I shop so late in the eve (so I don't have to take the kids, haha), and they are closed by the time this night owl roams out. Lol! :)

  3. Really nasty here today! But I did what you did and sucked it up and worked out anyway :)
    Ugh the cheapest grapes we get are 2.99 and that's the cheapest :(
    I've found that since last summer didn't get much rain the prices of veggies has really gone up even the the frozen ones. They wanted $4 for a small bag of frozen broccoli.
    That said there are always good sales. I manage to eat pretty healthy and we're low income on disabilty.


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