Friday, March 15, 2013

The Trouble With Smores.

Happy Friday my sweet little reader-loos!

I hope yall had a great day.

It was GORGEOUS and felt wonderful outside today!

For breakfast I managed to grab some essentials before running out the door!

Cottage cheese and cantalope/blackberries.
I heart me some cantalope espically when it was 99 cent on sale!
Ok so finished off the cottage cheese which was good since it was expiring like, tommorow.
For lunch I had the brilliant idea to ride into town to get japanese.  I say brilliant because there was horrible traffic.
 I only ate about 2/3s of that shrimp sauce. 

I got the hibatchi and white rice, yall know i never get the fried anymore.
Those carrots and mushrooms were tastayyy.
I tried to eat a sugar free jello later that afternoon but it was kinda watery and gross so I pitched it.
Came home and immediatley cut up a sweet potatoe and put it in the oven to bake.
I made a turkey bacon BLT with sweet tater fries!
And for desert I had threeeeee servings of what you see in this picture. LOL.
Innocent right?
You see, the trouble with smores is that people think they are all cool and low calorie.
Little bit of marshmallow.

Little bit of chocolate.
Little bit of graham cracker.
Thats all fine as long as you eat ONE.

Ok so whatever.  I had hershey kissses from valenines and i would put one on a cracker and one marshmallow on a cracker!
3 long sheets of expired graham crackers used=195
6 marshmallows=150 cals
1 marshmallow plopped in mouth=25 cals
6 hershey kisses=132
1 hershey kiss plopped in mouth=22 cals
NOT worth it.  I may as well had a big mac or a brownie with ice cream from chillis..Which I still didnt do that bad cosidering I was around 1200 when I ate that madness.

At least I didnt eat the whole bag of hershey kisses.
Arent you glad we look at the bright side of things on this blog?
The glass is always half full my friends!


  1. Ugh don't you hate when little :) things add up to so many calories?? Ugh!!
    The glass is definitely half full!

  2. Well, at least it was under 700 calories. Bwahahahaha I know you know what I'm talking about, Lauryn! :) I couldn't believe how many points graham crackers were on WW. Why are those boogers so fattening?! :( I am really amazed that you never get fried rice. I love that stuff. Which is prob why you've lost 30 and I've gained 25. ROFL

  3. Ugh, hate those calories! Sounds like the rest of your day was good, though!

  4. I love s'mores. Isn't the pineapple delicious right now?

  5. Smores are my favorite! I make smores in the toaster oven and use Honey Maid lil' graham squares (thinner than a graham cracker - they are small but you get about 30 in a serving. I place 4 of those together and place a stacker marshmallow (the flat ones made for smores) and a few chocolate chips on top. Those graham thins are too thin to put on top (they burn). Just takes 3 minutes or so i think.... I haven't made them in awhile so I'm a little rusty. I think I will make them later today, though!

  6. It is crazy how they add up. Have you ever made the graham crackers with cool whip between, then freeze? They make a nice treat :) and a little lower cal.

  7. Love your funny blog princess!! You are such a hoot! The s'mores are not our friend but they seem so innocent!! Ha! Love you!! Mama


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