Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Target Tuesday

Do not, I repeat DO NOT go into Target hungry.


I just spent wayyy to long in there and paid too much for an avacado amongst other things I didnt really need but wanted sooo bad :)

Ok I had to take a purse back, I had a reason to be there, just spent wayyy to long in there.

Retai therapy. Is it REALLY cheaper than professional help?  Haaa I beg to differ.

Anyways wayyy off topic.

So in other news, breakfast was phenom people, pheom.

You get no calories due to me being lazy alllllll day...continued into now. :)
Egg cooked in microwave, yes the life changing egg that will save you time and pans my friends.
With cheddar cheese and a smidge of mayo on a sandwich thin.  With some delicious oranges.
Then for lunchy lunch I had an interesting combo...
An aldis burrito for like 250 cals, I do remember.  I had some grapes and roasted cabbage. Yummm.

Later on I ended up having a coffee and some kinda chocolate dipped coconut thing.

The bar was 150 cals I do remember as well.

Then after I left work I had to go to ross, tj maxx (bought nothing at either places) and then target (definetly made up for it there).

Had one of these bad boys as it was 8ish and I was starving.

My faveeeee Easter candy. ever.

Random purchases at Target. So yummy.
And then for dinner I had this ziti meal from aldis.
I also had some roasted cabbage and a few roasted brussel sprouts.
Also I wanted to ask you guys...umm ok would yall like me to mix it up a bit and do like my favorites, fitness or non fitness related? Or any other requests like a day in the life post?  Let me know I am up for ideas, I like posting what I eat but I dont want yall to get bored with that. 


  1. I personally like your posts just how they are. But if you post stuff I don't like, I'm sure I'll read that, too. LOL :)
    And Amen Sista to the life-changing egg. You know I have testified to the fact of that on my own blog. Can I get a witness? Ha!

    1. haha glad to pass on the egg love to you staci!! lol i have to credit jacob though lol he taught me. I used to totally yell at him for using the wrong bowls and getting egg stuck on them haahah

  2. Yes amen on the amazing egg invention! I did mine this morning with the sandwich thin, turkey bacon, and light laughing cow like you suggested....so yummy!!!! This post has further proven that we are BFFs for real. 1. I think we drive the same car (judging from your great car food pics) and 2. My fav Easter candy is also mini eggs. Lord I could eat a whole bag..yes a big one! We went to Wal-Mart last night (to get everything I needed to make my breakfast sandwich) and I had to steer clear of the Easter candy section. I had a great day w/eating and doing C25K yesterday ;0).

    1. yes we are totally BFF's!!!! Plus we both live in NC, i mean how much cooler does it get girl!! Ok, 2003 silver honda accord??? yes no, maybe?!? Yes those eggs are the devil. I bought myself two mini bags for Easter and i am THIS close to eating one right.freaking.now. STOP ME. lol. YAYYYYYYYY for you making your eggy breakyy!!! And yay for no candy and couch to 5k!!! You are rockin my face off, missy!!!!

  3. I love those Easter egg candies too. My fave!

    1. me too girl me TOO!!!! they are pure evil though

  4. I love your posts :) How about a post about your favourite things? Food/exercise or kitchen gadgets :)

    1. thank you suzi that is a great idea!!! i am totally going to do one for yall !!!


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