Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Like a Boss.

Today...I did freakin awesome. 

Like a Boss.

Haha.  Sorry me and my brother have this "like a boss" inside thing and tonight for some reason I decided that should totally be the title of my post!

Because my friends, I rocked the plan, the weight loss plan, like a boss!

Ha ok so lets just get in to this juciness!

Breakfast was the same as yesterday, not going to bore you with a pic, because I didnt take one HAHA. Ok one difference was that I put one extra slice of turkey bacon on it.

Whopping 274 cals...and I didnt drink much coffee so I am not going to try to estimate the creamer. LOL.

Ok so lunch was another beautiful mexican mess salad just like yesterday, however the creative blogger in me decided it would be thoughtful to take a picture of my goods before they get thrown into the pile on the plate.  I know yall love some pictures. heh.

642 cals
I might try some other meat in it next time to lower the cal count but MAN the guac really MAKES it.
Ok so of course I had to run errands and I had DENIED my sweet tooth/chocolate/carbs/crackers-smeared-in-chocolate-peanut-butter-wont-hurt? CRAVINGS and so I decided that called for some starbys haha. 
110 cals
Ok I got one of the BEST (that I have tried) low cal drinks at starbucks, maybe to date.
It was so good.
Heres how you order it:
Iced Coffee
Non fat milk
w/Toffee Nut Syrup
The toffee nut is sooo sweet and good i love it!!
I used the starbucks app I have on my phone to customize it!
Ok enough about overpriced coffee. Ha.
However good news was it was only $2.62 w/tax. 
Ok sooo...crap I just remembered I had a banana I didnt log, which is OK because I had cals left after my sweating session (like a boss) at the gym tonight.
That's right. You read that right.
I went to the gym for the third time this week.  Amazeballs.
Ok, but I have to give props to my bestie because all this was brought to you by April's emergency fitness kit.
It included a nice hot pink Nike gym bag packed away secretly in Locker #5
with the following inside:
-Smallest sports bra she had (that heff!)
-two old t-shirts (i chose the pretty white blood donor one)
-3 pairs of pants for me to choose from
Thanks boo!! <3
I seriously love her.  She brought all that stuff so that I could meet her at the gym after work. 
AND we freakin rocked it!!
She introduced me to the stair climber.
I hate you.
I love you.
You make sweat literally pour off my face.
Talk about feeling like a biggest looser contestant. 
That thing will make you feel WEAK.
But it was amazing, we pushed through 20 minutes!
That was a ridiculous ammount of flights of stairs.
Burned like 147 cals.
I was a tad dissapointed in the cal count when I got off the stair climber feeling like someone Jillian had just pushed to the ground 15 times.
But I still felt amazing. Seriously amazing. 
Ignore how fatish I look in this pic, just notice the happy face that means I was done with 20 mins of torture!!
Bestie kept telling me how proud of me she was.
Which seriously made my day.
We discussed how we have came a LONG way, from breaking bad habits, not pushing ourselves, not caring about health and who we are today.
We proceded to be at the gym until 8 PM people.
(like a boss)
We did a crap ton of weight training that made me feel like a limp piece of spaghetti someone threw against the blacksplash to see if it would stick or not.
But we pushed each other and it was seriously loads of fun. 
Then after realizing we have no healthy options in our town that arent extreemly boring and played out (coughsubwaycough) we went to red bow.
Spring roll-110 cals
I dont hardly know what that mustard/dip is called so i dont try to count cals for it...its not much i dont think.
Beef and broccoli-152
BROWN rice-216
ginger dressing-80
I also had 2 fortune cookies-50
So yummy!!!
Thats all for tonight my loves, what is one thing you enjoy at a chinese/thai/asian place that is healthy?


  1. I always order an Americano with toffee nut syrup :) It is always good!!
    You showed that stair master who was boss. Love that smile of satisfaction.

  2. Girl I am proud of you!! Not even 6 months ago u would have laughed at that stair climber and maybe one arm machine. U did awesome tonight and I was cracking up all through reading this. Between the smallest bra and the throwing upon the back splash ahhh and no I'm not high in that photo just exhausted. April

    1. LOL. This was too funny. After your comment, I went up and looked at your pic and I can see why you said that. Haha I didn't think anything of it til you mentioned it, though. Funny!

  3. Go girl, go! That's great. Man, that beef broccoli looks so good!!!

  4. Never heard of toffee nut syrup. I will have to try it! Always good to have a great day under your belt. Good job!

  5. This was seriously like a stand-up routine! I literally laughed out loud!! Love you missy! Mom


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