Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Sweet Lunch Date

Hey loves!!

Today has been great!!

Breakfast was the same as always...oatmeal and berries, I thought it would be a bit redundant to take a pic, but I also had some coffee creamer too, so probably all together it was 200 cals, not bad.

Then for lunch my bestie called and we decided to go eat Moes!

Isnt she the cutest in her little scrubs? She is studying to be a nurse right now and had clinicals today before lunch.

Wouldnt you love to have her as a nurse?  She actually diagnosed me with a mouth ulcer today LOL. I have never had one and I am in SOOO much pain it sucks so bad. 

Im thinking its all this dang pineapple I have been eating!

We both got the kids meal chicken comes with a cookie and its about 500 cals, under five bucks too!

Then we went next door and I got some toasted marshmallow fro yo at sweet frog!

Ok so then I had some cottage cheese and pineapples....i know i know. NOT helping the ulcer.
Then I came home and did 20 mins kickboxing with jillian dvd and a one mile with leslie sansone which i LOVE. I am soooo glad i finally opened that dvd, she really gets your heart rate up, I was plesantly suprised!!
Dinner was a buffalo chicken salad with chicken and salad I was SUPPOSED to eat for lunch LOL...but you cant pass up a lunch w/ya sista from anotha mista!
YUMMY again :) I also had some green beans
Hope yall had a great friday eve!!
Love yas!!


  1. I get mouth ulcers all the time from a medication I have to take and I know how nasty they are :( Hope they're gone soon!
    What a great lunch :)
    Love all your food today!!!

    1. its getting a lot better, almost gone, the food WAS on point that day!! so yummy!!! :)

  2. I get mouth ulcers frequently, too. They are so painful! I want your salad. And your BFF looks so cutsie and pretty. Glad you had a good day!

    1. haha thanks girl...and comeon over i will make you one! LOL

  3. Kayla gets canker sores, which is the same as a mouth ulcer. We took her to the dentist because if she ate anything remotely salty or acidic, she said it would hurt SO bad. She really didn't want to eat at all because it hurt. Anyway, the dentist told us to go get this over the counter rinse put out by Colgate. It's called Peroxyl & it's an oral antiseptic rinse. Go get you some of that if it isn't better. Her dentist is the best & she said that was about all you can do for it besides to not aggravate it by eating anything spicy, salty, or acidic.

    1. SOOO glad i got that mouthwash its almost gone, thank you love!!!!

  4. I never pass up on a dinner date with friends or family. No diet is worth that! I TRY to make good choices...sometimes do and sometimes don't. Have a good weekend!

  5. I can't eat uncooked pineapple. It kills my mouth! You are a glutton for punishment lol.

    1. oo i didnt think about cooking it, yummy! maybe it wouldnt be too bad then!?


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