Friday, February 22, 2013

Chicka De china de Chinese Chicken!

Happy Friday loves!

Today was pretty great I have to say!!

It started with some oatmeal and berries at work that I must say, I am growing a bit tired of, BUT I think I know what I am going to switch it up with next week! Stay tuned haha!

So no pic of that, you all know quite well what it looks like.

Then lunch was SO GOOD.

Turkey and ham on the honey oat bread with cheese and mustard and veggies!
I had a bag of those chips from the vending machine, they were the only ones that said like 40% less fat or something.  They were delicious and only 180 cals. 
Ok so I had some coffee I made at work but did NOT snack the rest of the day! Holla!
Then we decided a lil double date was in order tonight!
Me and the bestie went to Redbowl w/our guys tonight.
Nevermind she was SUPER DUPER late. Buwahaha. JK
She will totally read this and smirk. haha.
Its ok though because we had a blast!!
They is sooo cute.
Me and hubster!
We had some steamed potstickers white we were waiting on latebestie.
I got the bento box that came with a spring roll (not pictured)
Sweet and sour chicken (my personal fave)
steamed rice
sushi (i got the red bowl roll, which was crab, avacado, and shrimp tempura)
Ok...let me let you in on a little secret.
I dont really like sushi.
I also think its a waste of calories due to me not exactly loving it.
I had two pieces and gave the rest away.
I just kinda get the heebies when I eat that seaweed.Ughhh...*shivers*
Ok so if I get anymore to try I might just give it to the comes with the bento box but whatever.
So then we are crazy and we walked around our small ghetto mall...dropped in bath and body works...didnt buy anything..
Went to some shoe store where I saw a pair of fake glitter toms!!
SO CUTE and I want them and will probably buy them with birthday$$$.
My hubby and her BF hated them which makes me like them all the more.
THAT, ladies is how you know you are being fashionable.
If the hubs hates it.
Ok so what if I look like a teenager.
Im only 26 years young.

OK so then we went to sweet frog!!!
I know. YES again.
I got cake batter/toasted marshmallow kind with random toppings.
No pic bc the phone was dead by this point.
Now I want to take a pic of those shoes too, dang it.  I want yall to see them and tell me what you think!! LOL
Bestie liked them so I am sure im on the right track haha.
Oh and shout out to my cuz Ashley!!! I got some of that mouthwash and my ulcer is slowly but surely getting better!! yayyyyyyyyy!!!


  1. One of my friends has sparkly bobs (fake Toms) & I LOVE them!! You should definitely get them :)

    1. i think i totally might!!!! thank u !!!

  2. Yanno, it's sad because I'm a month shy of 34 and I read your post title and started singing the song that line came from. LOL Hellooooo high school! :)

  3. Yep, that sound will be in my head all day. More like elementary school age for me though. ;)

    1. hehe sorry!!! cute song though right!! lol

  4. You had me smiling while I was reading this post for a couple of things!
    First my co-worker was eating those chips when I went into work and I gave her the "eye" and she said Wha!! the calories are good :)
    Second my daughters boyfriend hates vibram 5 fingers which I happen to love and flaunt them whenever I can :)
    Have a great weekend!!

    1. haha aww yay for bringing out a smile!!!

  5. Awww! So glad it's getting better love! Wish I had some chinese food myself lol! We had pizza for Kayla'a birthday. Not exactly what I wanted to eat for a "cheat"...but we did have some excellent cake & I was willing to eat whatever she chose for her special day. We used to always have it every year on her b-day because I had eaten pizza just a few hrs before she was born. :)

    1. oh girl i love me some pizza!! I hope she had a fantastic birthday!!!


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