Thursday, February 7, 2013

Man-pleasing Garlic Knots!

Well. Well. Well.

It's know what that means! doesnt really mean anything except tommorow is friday!

Fridays were always my favorite day of the week growing up.  Mom & Dad would get paid and we almost ALWAYS got pizza.  Id get to play outside with the neighborhood kids till it was dark and then I would go inside, get in bed and watch TGIF on ABC and get in my Cory and Topanga time.

Ahhh I seriously loved all those shows.  Dinosaurs. Sabrina. Step by Step!!!

Who's with me?

Ok so breakfast was flipping amazing peeps. I kid you not.

Do yourself a favor right now and check out Jess.
She is seriously so motivating and inspiring and I love her recipes!!
This is her chunky monkey protein pancake and you can get the recipe off her blog.  I topped it with cookie butter and sprinkles and a banana!
But dont try to make this in five minutes the first time.  Give yourself at least 15 because you are going to need like 3 1/4 measuring cups LOL.
I also cooked mine in coconut oil and forgot to count cals for that although I only used like one TEAspoon.
Anyways.  This ended up being 302 cals and then you just add cals for your toppings~!
So for lunch I went to walmart again for like the millionth time this week.
Someones sweet lil granny was giving samples of greek yogurt, this was really good.  I think it was the Yoplait peach one.
Lunch was basically the same as yesterday except I got the general tso's chicken which was only 170 cals a serving, SUPPOSEDLY like 2.5 cups, um NO im lucky if it had ONE cup in there.  There was maybe FOUR little pieces of chicken but it was still spicy and good and I also had a bag of broccoli again for 120 cals.
Then I thought at the time I was going to kickboxing so I had me a substantial snack.
I always forget how good these are! Why did I stop eating them for like a month?!?
Didnt check the cals sorry yall, just google.
Then I came home, didnt work out and ate crap.
Dinner was the same as last night, just a leftover portion.
Except tonight I won wife of the year award...
Here I am going to let Hubby tell you how much he liked the garlic knots I made.
Ok he is shy on here but whatever he may or may not have said they was DANGGGG good.
It made like 8. 
You take a pack of crossant rolls, reduced fat if you want.
Roll them out as they are in triangles.  Then add some minced garlic and spray butter right on to the triangles.  Next sprinkle with "pizza seasoning" or what is "italian seasoning" and then roll up a half of a cheese stick inside of them. Spray the outsides with spray butter and put in the oven at 375 for like 10 minutes or maybe more, depending on your oven. 
I sprinkled mine with parm cheese when they were done.
SOOOO good.
Would be great with a Valentines day italian dinner!
Speaking of Valentines Day...there will be a giveaway comming soon!!! :)
May or may not have had three valentines candy pieces. Get it out of my house. BAH!


  1. I loved all those shows too girl! There is this show that we all love called Good Luck comes on the Disney channel & it reminds me sooo much of those good old TGIF shows like Full House, Step by Step & Family Matters...just because it's good, clean family television that we can all sit down & watch w/o the worry of anything bad being said or whatever. Why are you torturing me with those garlic knots? Why??? LOL! They look & sound amazing!

    1. i have seen good luck charlie that is such a cute show!!! haha sorry about the garlic knot torturage!!! hahaha..

  2. I am all about any kind of Italian bread. ;) I read that there is gonna be a reunion of Cory and Tepanga or their kid or something or other. Google it! I'm thinking Girl Meets World or something very similar. Me and Jimmy were just talking about Urkel yesterday. Ha Sorry the day went downhill. With 8 garlic knots and only 2 adults to eat them, my day would've went downhill too! LOL

    1. LOL yes those dang garlic things! I am going to try not to make them unless there are more people around hahah. OHHH i would love more cory and topanga plus baby even!!!

  3. I love the Lemon Zest Luna Bar - if you like lemon, you will have to try it - SO good!!!

    1. i havent had that one yet! I will definetly try it and let you know how it is!!

  4. Jeez you are killing me! You always make me so hungry. I can barely roll out of bed early enough to get to work on time much less fix pancakes. Do you have enough space for me at the new place? Where did you get the cookie butter? I have never heard of that.

    1. Yes girl come on, we have two spare bedrooms, but one is the cupcake room with pink curtians! hahah I cant wait to show yall. The cookie butter is like 3 bucks from trader joes!!

  5. I hate it when you leave me hanging on the weekends ;) I turn into a stalker looking to see if you posted yet!

    1. awee morgan that is soooo sweet, that thrills me because thats totally what i do when i find a good blog!!

  6. I have to make those one day!! Love your ideas


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