Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Giveaway &Weekend Recap!


Hello there loves!!!

I hope you all had a smashing weekend! (Im feeling brittish, please excuse)

Haha. Mine was great.  Friday a SWEET customer who had started out very, ahem DIFFICULT finally paid off her car and she had brought me the SWEETEST card for working with her and helping her.  Inside was a 25.00 gift card to Applebees!

So that totally started my day off right!
Ended the night Friday eating Mexican with Mom, Dad & Hubs!
Then came home and LOOKY WHAT WAS IN THE MAIL BOX!!!
A letter from my Bro!!!
SO stinkin happy.
So then Saturday I went to work and had a hair appt at 2pm with my cousin Hayley!
She works at the sweetest beauty salon, they also do nails and massages.
I highlighted my hair last weekend myself but didnt quite get the roots.  I was in desperate need of a haircut anyways, so Hayley hooked a sister up!  I even got my eyebrows done.
No roots, yay!
She does fantastic with cuts too.  If you are local to the Charlotte area and need your hair did, let me know and I will give you her digits!
Then I did some Valentines shopping for hubby and groceries too.  I actually uploaded a haul if you follow me on youtube.
Then this morning I woked up and started the day with some cofffaayyy.
This blog should be coffee & kickboxing because i drink that more than i eat cupcakes.

Breakfast was amazeballin!
Hungry Girl's Banana Split Oatmeal! From her 300 Under 300 cookbook!
SO good!!!!
Then we tried a church close to our new house and we really liked it. 
We have been hanging pictures and putting things away all day really getting settled in. 
Hopefully I can do a house tour soon!!!!
OK so now the moment you all have been waiting for!!
The Valentines Giveaway!!
Cozy socks from Old Navy
Cupcake Notepad to hang on fridge
Cupcake tablet with pen
Kisses nail file & tweezers from Sally's
New mini Berry flirt lotion from Bath and Body Works
Polka dot iphone 4 case
Cupcake car airfreshner
and MY favorite heart measuring cups!!!!
This is a mix of all my favorite things, BBW's, old navy, measuring cups from Target, etc...
I LOVE all of these things and I LOVE you all <3
This giveaway ends tuesday night 2/12/13 at 9pm EST.
Three rules:
1. You must like cupcakes and kickboxing's page on facebook.
2. You must be a follower of this blog!
3. You must live in the USA.  (Sorry my sweet Canada loves, I will hopefully be having a giveaway for you soon!)
Three ways to enter!
1. Leave a comment telling me what your plans are for Valentines Day-celebrating or not!  And maybe how you plan to deal with the chocolate all around :)
2. Share this giveaway on facebook with a link to this blog, and leave a comment telling me you did!
3. If you blog, share this giveaway on your blog and leave a comment telling me you did!
Good luck everyone, nighty night!


  1. We are getting heart shaped pizza, playing games and having ice cream! Not diet friendly, but fun for my kiddos! Love you and your blog!!

    1. I loveeee the heartshaped pizza idea!!!! Thank you for the sweet words Annie!!! :) I hope you and your loves have a wonderful Valentines!!! Calories dont count today right?! hehe

  2. Going out to dinner and a movie...and hitting up the Christmas tree shops! Love that store! Our third day alone since my 1 year old was born. So excited!!

    1. Christmas tree shops on Valentines?! Hahah that is a new one but I like it!!! Yay for alone time with the hubby its sooo much fun!!! Happy Valentines!! Enjoy!!

  3. Will be celebrating Valentine's Day a little early, my niece is coming over to decorate cookies to share with her class for her Valentine party at school. :-)

    1. Awe that sounds sooo fun!! Kids have the most fun, I tell you! I miss being a kid! LOL Happy Valentines Day!

  4. I don't have facebook. :( Can I still be a part of the giveaway?

    If so, I am making a meal at home. It will be chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon. The pancakes won't be low in points, but it's way better than I would do eating out. Dessert will simply be vanilla ice cream with Walden's 0 calorie chocolate syrup and a few heart sprinkles. I will link this to my blog hopefully tomorrow and report back after. :)

    1. I cant wait to see these one for me. Make it a heart shaped!

  5. PS - not trying to cheat and get another entry (if I even qualify), but I meant to say your hair looks great. Love it. :)

  6. My hubby is coming home on Thursday this week so we will get to be together for valentines day! Yay! I am starting a challenge this week and haven't made a concrete plan for the eats that day yet... No chocolate maybe?

    1. Yay for hubby home!!! I hope yall have a great day together I know he will spoil you!!! Happy Valentines!!!

  7. Wow you had a great Friday and weekend it sounds like. Your hair looks great..I need to do something to mine but I don't know what yet. I'll be doing my research on Pinterest for that soon. I am stuck when it comes to V-day. I won't really see my honey on V-day so we have to celebrate the Saturday after. I'm not sure what to get him at all. Any suggestions? And I am trying to stay far away from the chocolate!

    1. Oh boo that you dont get to see the hubby for valentines!!! My friend got her bf a hat he wanted, I was going to get jacob a movie he wanted but i cant find it anywhere LOL so he got candy and a stuffed monkey LOL! Maybe cologne? Happy Valentines!!!

  8. Okay, I posted on my blog linking back to your giveaway. :) I'm all prepared to win now. Haha

  9. Well this is certainly not romantic, but I suppose Ronnie & I will be spending Valentine's Day apart this year because he will still be out of town unless something changes between now & then. I think we'll just pretend Valentine's is another day lol! So, I will give Kayla her V-Day goodies & maybe take her for a little treat at Cherry Berry since she loves it but it's not my fave & won't even tempt me haha. You know Valentine's is the day when you are supposed to show the ones you love how much you love them, but he shows me every it's ok if we can't be together on that particular day.

    1. oh no honey i hate when they are out of town for holidays, we have spent one apart i know, i was super sad that day lol. Cherry berry how cute!!! I know you and your little miss will have fun!!! I know ronnie will make up for it anyways ;) Happy Valentines day girl love you!!!!!

  10. I'm baking cupcakes w/ my daughter for her pre-school class and we're making homemade Valentine's for all of her grandparents. After work we'll have a little Valentine's Day meal together as a family and then this weekend the hubby is taking me out on a date. Happy Valentine's Day! :)

    1. awww how sweet!!! I know the grandparents will love that. Yay for date night with hubby this weekend!!! I hope yall have a great time ;) Happy Valentines day girl!!!!!

  11. I shared this on FB! All your food always looks amazing! lol

    1. Thank you Shawna!!! Happy Valentines Day girl!!!

  12. I followed all the requirements and def. follow your blog via gfc! Your hair looks great, btw :)

    I plan on celebrating with my boyfriend by seeing a movie and cooking dinner at home together. AND, eating a lot of chocolate! haha. thank you :)


    1. Oh thank you susan, that sounds so fun!!! I totally had my fair share of chocolate today! LOL no bueno! But cals dont count on valentines day right?! haha Happy Valentine's Day!!


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