Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Biggest Bestest Mexi Salad that ever was!

Hola chickas!

I dont know where you live...but here it was SUPER gloomy, cold and rainey, and did I mention cold?

Bleakness. Where is my spring time?  I expect springtime when my birthday is so rapidly approaching. 

315 cals
Breakfast was devoured in the car on the way to work.  I toasted the bun, had one slice turkey bacon with egg (both are cooked in the microwave, not pots and pans-aint no body got time fo' dat!)
There was also a yummy triangle of spreadable cheese on there too-aldis brand.
Then hubs brought me a little "treat"
A rice krispy treat and a coffee from QT he made with splenda and creamer, not sure how much so I gave myself 50 cals for my early morning coffee creamer and this.  The treat was 150 cals by itself.  Bless him he gets me the calorie friendly option at the gas station.
Thats a good man rite thurr.
Lunch was the biggest bestest Mexican salad there ever was!!!
SOOO good people. I am telling you. Fantastic-ness.
In the mix:
Ground turkey seasoned with taco seasoning.
Black olives
Romaine lettuce
1/4 cup kernel corn
1/4 cup black beans
Red onions
7g of 2% shreadded cheese
1 tbsp light sour cream
a bit of salsa
100 pk wholy guacamole
cup of brown rice
SOOOO good.
637 cals
Later I had some almonds
and a banana
I resisted the carmello in the vending machine because BESTIE said "why are you sabatoging yourself??"
Shes right.
Then I thought of Alissa.
And her recent post about how she forgot that weight loss was supposed to be hard.
That really hit home for me.
So much of what I do, is "stuff that I can keep doing forever" which is good, but it also makes me slip into lazy mode, because of COURSE i want to eat chinese every week for the rest of my life.
That, my friends is easy.
What is hard, is saying NO to things you want to keep up doing for the rest of your life, that could possibly hinder your progress today. 
Ok so me and the cuz hit the gym again today!
20 mins elliptical
10 mins bike
2 weight machines (we are starting off easy lol)
and then 10 mins treadmill to finish it off
It might not be a super hard core plan but at least we are doing SOMETHING.
Do SOMETHING every day!! It honestly makes me feel so much better.
370 cals
Dinner was a salmon burger, the rest of my roasted broccoli (which i have been dreaming of all day) and a potatoe (cooked in the microwave...which really makes me think I should make my own microwave cook book HAHA) with some brummel and brown on top.
Love it people.
Today has had some dang good eats in it, if I do say so myself!
The birfday is in ONE week and I will be STOKED if I can at least be at 174 next tuesday AM!


  1. You should've microwaved that broccoli! Haha Glad you had a good day and made good choices. Please ignore the Heath Bar moment in my post. Hehe

    1. hahahah normally i do microwave the broccoli to "steam" it LOL!!! Hahah the heath bar cracks me up-at least you had the points for it! Mine would have definetly been a splurge LOL!

  2. I seem to keep sabotaging myself for some reason. This weight loss thing is hard, huh? You are doing so well though!

    1. oh thank you hun!! I have bad days too though ...the weekends are SOOO hard for me!!! :(

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  4. This made me laugh, because I had a mexican salad for lunch yesterday too. Of course. But yours looks WAY BETTER. I used a spicy black bean burger as the meat in mine because its microwavable and only takes 1 minute hahaha LAZY. You have such a sweet husband :)

    1. Thank u girl, he is definetly a winner! hehe. And your salad was prob more low cal than mine!! LOL sound good though really..u know how i love my microwave haha,much easier than cooking taco meat on a monday night! LOL


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