Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Teenie Weenie Red Polka Dot Bikini!

Or...tankini rather! Hahah hello loves! Happy Tuesday and Hump day eve!

So roaming around Target, getting something for my upcomming Valentine's giveaway ...<3 hehe, I found the PERFECT Tankini that I want to be in this summer!  I seriously think I can rock this if I get down to at least 165-155 this summer!!

I took a pic for your viewing pleasures....

SOOOOO Stinkin cute.  I loves. 

Ok sooo...breakfast was the same as yesterday except I had two mugs of coffee with 100 cals of creamer. Bah.


Then my boss bought us all lunch at subway! wooooo hoo!!!

I got a oven roasted chicken breast 6 inch on white with no cheese, veggies and add mustard.

Fruit cup-50

Later I had a sugar free jello
10 cals
Then I had a granola bar 100 cals
THEN before I left work I needed a hearty snack to power through the GYM!
Yes, I went.
Egg salad-breakdown
Egg-70 cals
Egg white-20 cals??
Sooo much yumminess!
Soooo this girl went to the gym!!
I started off walking like 3 minutes
RAN 20 mins straight people.
That is insane.
I used to could NOT run FIVE freaking minutes.
I am not skinny but I am getting fitter.
AND I love it, and I actually love running.
What used to make me want to CRY and crawl in a hole in middle school PE, elementary PE, and even high school, I now do willingly without a gun to my head.
 I HATED running the stupid mile.
HATED it.  Couldnt do it.
The skinnies ran laps around me.
I literally dreaded every minute leading up to it.
I was chubby and slow.
All I wanted to do was sit down and read a book and talk about boys.
Not run.  In front of people.  Espically, cute boys. 
The mile was my enemy!!!
Now it's my frinenemy!
Now, I do it for myself.
For the way it makes me feel.
For the progress I literally can FEEL myself making.
Tonight in fact, this girl RAN one and a HALF miles!!!!!
Dinner was fab.
Hello angus burgers, we meet again.
Mushrooms, onions, sauteed, with green beans, 1/2 cup rice with 1/4 cup mushroom gravy.
rice-90 ish
So good. 
No desert needed.
Question: Do you have a history of a love/hate relationship with exercise?
I used to hate it, but however I played volleyball in highschool. 
I think I have a newfound appreciation for my body and what it can do now.
While I was running tonight, I thanked God for a body that is able to do just that.
P.s. I loved the comment response from yesterday! So glad to hear what healthiness you have all been up to!!


  1. I love the polka dots!
    I can remember when I was in high school going to the race track with my gym class and being dead last and wishing I could just become invisible.
    Now I'm not yet running but I am power walking and.... I'm getting a treadmill soon so I'm hoping the running is going to start :)

    1. Me too girl, the polka dots are what make it! hehe. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to become invisible!! Its awful!! Hopefully we wont ever have to feel like that again!

  2. Great job on your running! I know that felt awesome!

  3. So did you actually get the itsy bitsy tankini? It is so cute and you can totally rock that. Glad you got to the gym and are enjoying running...20 minutes straight is crazy!

    1. Thanks girl!! No I didnt get it yet, but if I am close to where I want to be by my birthay I am totally thinking of getting it!!!

  4. OMG good job!!! I remember being able to run that long and I always wondered if I timed myself right haha!! Can't do it anymore though, so I'm envious of you!!! Keep it up or you'll lose it, and be a loser like me :) jk jk

  5. You southern folk crack me up with your gravy :) And baked beans as a side. Two things this midwest chicka is not fond of!

    Srsly, that swimsuit is ridiculously adorable. If you keep up the insane running you might be too small for it! haha j/k you will rock it no matter what!


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