Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fantastico Day-o on Plan-o!

Haha. I have a family member who adds an O on the end of everything to make it spanish. 

"Taking the el car-o to the body shop-o" Its hilarious and i love it. 

Anyways we had mexican tonight which is why you get the spanglish title!

Ok so I prepped for the week sunday night.  SHOCKER. I know.

I had mini meals planned throughout the day

Early AM snack:

Egg whites-25 cal
salsa-like hardly any cals

At work I had my oatmeal which I got at harris teeter its the maple brown sugar kind with some mixed berries.  If you have a harris teeter I highly suggest it, its their brand and low sugar. 1.50 hollaaa.


A bit later around 11:30 I was haungry and I had my snack I had planned: low fat cottage cheese for 80 cals and 30 cals worth of pineapple.
Later on the sabatogers at my bank offered me a cookie from subway-I ate half for 110 cals.

Lunch was amazeballs.

Grilled chicken 3.5 oz's and butter lettuce salad with tomatoes katamala olives and cucumbers with FF italian dressing!!! It came to like 171 calories total such a bargain.  I even passed up free subway to eat this baby.

My afternoon snack was great too.

Apple-55 cals
almonds-50 something

I must admit i had some slivered almonds a VERY tiny ammount and i ate those but it was barely any cals maybe like 20 or something because i measured them and it was like 3g worth. lol.

Sooo delicious.

Well on the ride home we had to stop by walmart for hubs to pick up some shotgun shells.  I know I pick on him about his doomsday prepper mentality sometimes but MAN it was kinda scarry seeing ALL the ammo off the shelves at walmart.  I almost took a picture but the man helping us would probably think I was a creeper. 

So since he was buying boy stuff I picked up this baby

Blueberry Flapjacks. AMAZING. Smells like straight up NO LIE blueberry pancakes.  I have already burned some in my tart warmer. LOVE it. 2 bucks yall!

Dinner was Taco-o night!!!

I ended up having three shells for 150 cals
meat 3/4 cup for like 255 cals
beans-50 cals
sour cream like 5 cals
cheese-25 cals worth split between 2 tacos, I survived without a cheese freakout. Love me some cheese, dont need it though. 
Chippys!- a serving is 150 cals for the cantina chips.

Also had a sugar free fudge pop for 40 cals!

Great day yall!!! I went to bed by 10:30 so no bloggy blog sorry loves!!


  1. Butte lettuce salad :) That's a new one!! Ha Ha
    Those fragrance cubes sound amazing. I need to look into getting one of those warmers.

    1. butte lettuce? no idea what you are talking about! Muahahaha#editedthat! they are sooo good the warmers are only like 15 bucks at walmart! i got one at a Christmas gift exchange thingy!

  2. Yummm, nothing like some butte lettuce bahahahahaha!!! I totally knew what you meant but that was still too funny! Looks like you had a great day! Are you trying to kinda change it up & eat more little snacks throughout the day to stay more full, or is that just how it happened to work out?

    1. heheh i fixed it thank yall very much!! HAHAHAH lol too funny!! I actually was doing just that, trying to make myself fuller by eating the small meals and it worked...unfortunatly i got sick this morning so today has not been good...well the first part of today I am making the last part better!!

  3. I started prepping meals because of ideas I got from you. I love it, and I am less likely to not eat or make a bad choice.

  4. Girl, I am so glad I didn't read this until AFTER the butte lettuce salad was fixed. But butt lettuce would've been MUCH funnier, so try to work up your mistakes to be cute, k? Lol That salad sounds delish with the grilled ckn. I love my grilled ckn blakish like that, too. Yummo!

  5. Girl u been shopping at the compare foods again getting u some butt lettuce?? That's why u got sick bwahaha april

  6. Awww! I'm sorry you're sick. I know the feeling...I've been sick since Saturday & it just keeps getting worse :( BOO for being sick!!! My hand sani obsession was a FAIL this time! Although I must say, we rarely get sick & I think it's because I insist on using hand sani when hand washing isn't an option right that minute. Even Ronnie keeps a big pump bottle in his van, which is good since they're in hospitals so much. Hope you feel better soon girlie!!

  7. Looking good girly!! I do better when I prep too. Keep it up :)

    Also. Is march 5 your bday? Because that's my wedding anniversary. What a coincidence!!

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