Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bicycle Crunches & A WINNER!

Bicycle Crunches: A form of torture Jillian Michaels uses that involves putting your fingertips behind your ears, leaning from side to side, working the abs all while laying on your back like a bug about to be crushed and "peadling" the air. 

Oh BROTHER. lol.

Lets just say I was a hott mess tonight working out in the cupcake room. Yes I have named my workout room the cupcake room, seems a bit ironic, but it works. 

Me and JM spent 40 minutes making my fat cry to her kickboxing DVD. 

This morning was much more plesant. 

I present to you...."The Cocoa Chaquita"

*1/2 cup lowfat milk
*1/2 cup of Chocolate Almond Milk
*1 TBSP creamy peanut butter (I used planters and it was da bomb!)
*1 scoop protein powder (I used Jillian Michaels in Vanilla-10 bucks at walmart, you dont need anything fancy, and this tastes delicious-low sugar too)
*handful of ice
*Stevia or other sweetner to taste
*frozen banana

it comes to about 400 cals though!! AHH I know!!
I have to tweak it a bit, and try to make it lower cals, I will let you know how it goes.
Lunch was great.
Smart ones burgers-380 cals
Cherry tomatoes-20 cals
pickles-I dont count cals for them
Chips-150 cals
Then later on I had some popcorn!
Not pictured. Sorry loves! lol
I got home and had 40 mins of feeling REALLY out of shape.
At the gym, when Im running, I feel great.
When I work out to her crap, I feel like a fatty on the biggest looser who SUCKS at working out.
I digress.
Ok dinner was great.
I only had one fourth a cup of rice with some brummel and brown-65ish calories
Broccoli-50 cals (est.)
Salmon burger-170 cals
I tried Sirracha on it and dude its pretty hot by itself, with the salmon it was ok though.
I need my texas pete back in my life...I shall write it on my little marker board on the fridge so I dont forget.
I am not from Loooosiaaaanna, so there was no Fat Tuesday over here, instead, quite the opposite.  SKINNAYYY tuesday.  ;)
I also dont do Lent, but I do kinda like the idea of a temporary sacrafice. 

I totally need to give up tortilla chips.  I seriously have a problem with them.  They are addicting!!!
a whopping 30 cals of awesomeness
 45 calories.
How is that for some low calories LOVE!
Haha I loved hearing all about you all's Valentines plans!! 
I think we are staying in this year, maybe making pizzas, watching a redbox! We might do dinner and a movie this weekend.  This is our 7th valentines married and it just doesnt feel like a real big deal anymore lol. 

Last year we rushed around wasting money on last minute gifts, ran off to see The Vow, and had a weird late dinner at Lonestar with a big ole piece of cheesecake we had to take home because they were closing lol. 
Hubby picked a number and it happend to be Staci's comment!!!
She is making chocolate chip pancakes for Valentines day supper and Im totally jealous.
I will be sending your prize pack out tommorow my dear so email me your address stat, I hope you all have a fabulous night!
MUAH! xoxo



  1. I swear your lunches always look so good. Maybe I just don't put enough effort into it? I love the Jell-o with cool whip idea for a skinny treat too. Ok I don't do lent either but I like the idea of sacrificing too so me and the boo have decided to do 40 days of no sweets...yikes!!! It's going to be hard but you can do anything for 40 days right? I'm going to get lots of gum for my sweet cravings. Congrats Staci!!!!!

    1. Aww my co worker did that too!! She decided to give up sweets and i just brought her a bag of candy today !!! yikes!! lol she did good resisting everything though!!

  2. No way!!! Yay for me! I've had the BESTEST day, and this just topped it off to find out at 10:00 pm! Ha! Emailing you my addy. THANKS! Give your hubby a kiss for me! ROFL

  3. There is a product called pb2 that is basically ground peanuts. It is like 45 Cals for two tbsp!!! Use that and that will save you 60 calories in your smoothies! Use unsweetened almond milk and water. Unsweetend is 45 cals fir 1 cup!

    1. I am totally going to have to get some of that, thank you for those ideas!!! I am really going to try to incorporate those, I had some chocolate almond milk I had to use though but i was shocked it had 110 cals for a cup!!!

  4. YAY for Staci!!!! Congrats!!! I've been reading her blog too since you told me about it a while back.

    1. Awww, thanks! Love to know people are reading! Makes blogging worthwhile! :)

  5. YAY Staci!!

    I bet that smoothie kept you pretty full though, with the peanut butter and the protein powder? So if it kept you from snacking I bet 400 calories would be ok. Ima have to buy some of that protein powder.

    And I TOTALLY agree with you on the running/jillian comparison. When I run I'm like--Heck yeah I just ran my butt off!! And then with Jillian it's like, I can hardly even get up from the floor moves to stand and do the cardio stuff. Exactly like a BL contestant, having trouble GETTING OFF THE GROUND HAHAHA

    1. YEs girl it did keep me pretty full so thats not too bad!! LOL YES i feel like a total looser with jillian and her possee!! hahahah oh well glad im not alone!! LOL

  6. im backkkk! I have still been reading your blog, just not very active!
    and seriously I feel you I feel like a rockstar running around my town.. but even doing a jumping jack, i feel like a failure.

    boooo- im so mad i missed the give away you had a few days ago!

    1. YAY sweetie, glad to see you back, you have been awful quiet latley! hehe I know im sad u missed the giveaway too but just always comment because sometimes I pick a post and draw a suprise giveaway from those comments! :)


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