Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To Grandmother's House We Go & Respect

Hey there loves! 

Let me give you a little update.  Yesterday I had a bad upset stoumach from eating something gag inducing (me thinks).  So my day started with crackers and coke zero and ended good with a taco salad made at home with no shell, some jelly/pb toast and tortilla chips(bottom of the bag) and there was some mcdonalds in between.  Not my proudest moment but I was pretty crappy feeling all day, freezing cold and it was raining. Man I think of some good excuses dont I! hahaa. 

Anyways breakfast this morning was a lot better than yesterday.

recycled pic from monday
Basically i ate everything the same as monday lol.
I had cottage cheese and pineapple for a snack.
Lunch was my grilled chicken salad, exactly the same.
Then I had an apple, rasins and almond for a snack.

THEN my sweet lil granny calls.
She wants me to come over because she has a present for me. Ohhhh boy.
Plus she has some fried apple pies, and "am I still on that diet?"
"what diet?"
haha. Ok i told her yes I was.

Naughty Naughty grandma! LOL
She got me the cutest lil cupcake bank, its like the one my mom got me but smaller and has a blue wrapper thing.  I almost got it at another store a few weeks ago! 
Those dern pies.
I have no idea the calories. 
I had two and probably a half. 
Now, they arent that big.  They are very thin, however very VERY GOOD.
I mean, crazy good.
And Grandma hardly ever makes these. 
This was a very rare treat.
Now I did good the other day when she was offering me some chocolate pie her friend had made, and said no, but NOOOO way can i not eat this.  I have to say it was probably worth every calorie.
Very much like Mom's chocolate pie.  UGH!!! Worth every mean calorie.  
I asked her where she got the apples that were so sweet and gooey on the inside.
"oh those are the ones I got from the mountians, I stewed them and froze them"
....then she put them in these little grenades.
Growing up with this lady cooking, is it any wonder I had a weight problem?!
Haha ok so those were amazing. 
And I did have like 1,000 cals left.
Sweet hubby had dinner waiting on me when I got home!
You have seen it before, angus burger, green beans, gravy thing (which hubby kinda messed up LOL, bless him) and mushrooms/onions and brown rice!
Ok...speaking of hubby I wanted to touch on something that I was reading on a very popular blog today.  It was basically about how weight loss affects a marriage
I really got into it at first.
I can totally identify with being over weight and not feeling sexy and wanting to overcompensate for my fatness by being a good cook and taking care of my man. 
I can totally identify with being a jealous wife because I was insecure with myself.
I can totally identify with just wanting to watch movies and eat dinner out, not doing anything anymore remotley active with my husband. 
I can totally identify with my husband wanting to wear the pants in the family and wanting this house ran a certian way. I cannot tell you how many fights we got in over me leaving shoes/clothes/purses/coats lying around/not hung up.  Or the thermostat being on a certian degree.  Or me not rinsing the dishes before sticking them in the sink.
But over time I learned how to respect my husband.
Over time I have learned what things push his buttons as well as he has learned about mine.  And yall...he TRIES to please me....he is very good to me and he is not the kind of man that would ever berate me for gaining weight, or make smart comments, or make fun of me.  He loves me and builds me up.  
And just because I have lost weight and gained a new found confidence in myself...
just because I feel sexier around him...
just because I am now prouder to be his arm candy...
just because I have made self sacrafices that brought me to this does NOT mean I should disrespect my husband.
...So many people wonder why their relationships are having issues when they loose weight...and I think most women feel like they have to be their own woman and argue their way through things and be defiant to prove they can be the individual they want to be because they can....and they just resist respect so much.
Just because I CAN do things and react in ways due to my new found confidence doesnt mean I should throw my weight around or treat him any differently. 
My husband loved me when I was fat.
My husband loves me now.
My husband deserves my respect. 
..because he is my husband. 
I think a woman struggles with her identity a little bit after she is married...its easy to loose track of who you are, and Im sure kids being thrown in the mix make it even easier. 
Yes, I have a brain..
Yes, I still think for myself..
Yes, we still argue...

                                       But when you are married, two becomes one...
Richer or Poorer

                                                                    Thinner or Fatter
And that is all!  Night loves!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better today. I loved the arm candy statement. Lol. Your granny is a wicked gal. :)

  2. are a good person! (Even if I did carry you in my body and raise you right!!) LOL Guess who!

  3. Hope you tummy is better today!!
    Love you granny :) Who could resist!

  4. Respect is important from both the husband and the wife. If anything, weight loss should make me a better person. Makes my mArriage happier because I am happier. :)

  5. She is too cute! I love Moes and I get the kids meal too to try and keep the calories down but it is hard to resist the cheese dip. Love your thought on marriage and completely agree. Happy Friday!


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