Tuesday, May 19, 2015

6 point breakfast & 6 point lunch

Hey loves! I wanted to show you a few delicious things I have been eating lately.  Now I will say I did awful last night and pretty much this whole weekend! I will spare you the details.  I seriously have no clue how I can be motivated one day...like SUPER motivated...and the next I could care less.  So anyways!  I will show you a delicious breakfast I had this morning, followed by another great lunch!

Everything Bagel Thin- 3pp
Cheese slice- 1pp
Whole egg- 2pp
Banana- 0pp
Total 6pp
And for your drink you could save points by having hot tea or black coffee.  I chose to use another point and have 2 tbsp. half and half.
So for lunch I was craving a pita pizza.  Now, last week I got a smart ones pepperoni pizza..and it was almost the same size and cost me 11pp!!!  That is ridiculous in my opinion. 
I can make this for about half that many points.
These are the brands of products I used.  I also used Turkey Pepperoni and you can add veggies to the top for zero points plus...as long as they are zero point veggies!
Joseph's Pita- 2pp
1/4 cup pizza sauce- 1pp
1/4 cup mozzarella cheese- 2pp
8-9 Turkey Pepperonis- 1pp
Veggie toppings- 0
This was my lunch yesterday....
Turkey & Cheese sandwich, grapes, carrots and cucumber with peach tea drink mix from walmart brand (maybe diet?) Its like crystal light.  Love the peach!
2 oz. Turkey- 2pp
1 slice cheese- 1pp
2 slices whole wheat bread- 3pp
1 Tbsp. light mayo- 1pp
Carrots- 0pp
Cucumber- 0pp
Grapes- 0pp
I also added a point for the bites I took of hubby's frozen veggie pizza.
I hope this gives you some good ideas, I love seeing what others are eating, it helps motivate me!
So in other news I have an annual appointment with the OBGYN tomorrow. 
I hate this.  I would rather sit through a 2 hour root canal than see the lady parts doctor!!
But its one small freebie from my insurance company and I better go take advantage of it.
So whatever you are doing tomorrow, just rest assured it's WAY more fun that what I will be going through around 2pm. Fun.
I will see yall later !


  1. LOL Bless your heart. That everthing bagel thin looks good! I've not had one of those in ages. Well, don't sleep over the alarm and not get to shower tom. Hahaha I also think the Smart Ones burgers are ridiculous for 5 points+ each. Ummm, I can go to Wendy's and get an 8 pp burger with bacon! Sheesh. Lol

  2. I need to get those Pitas again- I ate them frequently when I was following Trim Healthy Mama- good to know they are only 2 points! Ugh, I hate going to the lady doctor too.


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