Thursday, May 28, 2015

Getting Creative with WL Goals & Rewards

Hey yall!  Everything is going good over here! The Lord has been helping me with a lot lately!  I have been trying not to stress over little things and He has helped me so much.  Also been praying about my weight loss and I made it through another day and met my goal this morning! 

I was 200.8. 

I am weighing in on Thursday mornings as soon as I get up.  After I go pee. LOL. 


This is great because last month I was as high as 207.  I haven't seen the 190s since February. 

Actually I take that back!  At the doctors last week I was 197. With all my clothes on in the middle of the day!  So I think my scale is a bit off.  Even at weight watchers I usually weighed less than at my house.  But whatevs!  I am going by MY scale.  So today I was 200.8.  My goal was 200 so I am counting that was a WIN. 

My next goal is 195. I think that is do able because I am coming off of my period right now.  And usually I will see a big drop in my weight.  Here is how I am documenting my goals in my planner and on the fridge.  This was fun to make and it really motivates me!

This is in my Erin Condren planner but you could do this with ANY planner.  I put little page flags on my weigh in days and wrote my GOAL on them.  I plan to pick them off and write my real weight for that day on the pink circles underneath and put a star sticker on the pink sticker if I met my goal. 
This is an Erin Condren insert that you can put in your planners.  You could make this for your own planner or if you have an EC just buy it off their website.  I added all the stickers with my label maker.  I have written in most of my rewards I have planned. On the back of it, I added the same numbers but this side is for the dates I complete the goals. 

They go in my planner like this.....

Sorry for the sideways pic.  Anyway I also did a daily reminder chart for the fridge.  It is going to remind me to drink water, workout and take my meds.  Sometimes my 29 year old brain can forget if I did or not! LOL. 

In other news this is what I had for breakfast today.  Yummy. 

Hope yall have a good weekend, lets make it a great one and stay on track!


  1. Yay! Down some already. :) I really like your method. Cute!

  2. Great Idea!!!! Good Luck!!

  3. Great Idea!!!! Good Luck!!

  4. I love planners and all that jazz. Cute style!


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