Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weight Watchers...again?

To watch or not to watch?  That is the question.

I may have went to my first fourth weight watchers meeting yesterday.

But first before I dish out any deets, you must hear of where I have been!

I KNOW you all have been waiting with bated breath to hear back from me. Ha.

Sorry guys. I am quite possibly the worlds suckiest blogger. 

Little brother got to come home for his birthday (a week ago today!) We were STOKED!!! I stayed at my parents house till he got home at like one am and got my hug.  The next day I met him and mom for lunch at one of our favorite spots.

Isn't he adorable?  22 years young!  And yall..he was so much HAPPIER this trip.  He really loves where he is in VA right now and with his schooling and all. It was almost like night and day.  I could tell a lot of the stress he was under was lifted during this visit. I love him so much! 

On Saturday we went to a wedding for one of my best girlfriends growing up.  Her name happens to be Lauren as well!  It was hot outside for sure, but a beautiful wedding!  Her husband even surprised her with fireworks!  It was at a gorgeous ranch in South Carolina.  So glad I got to be there for her big day!

And this is a pic of me and hubby at the wedding!

Hubby totally missed the first Alabama game of the season for this wedding but had his phone in his ear half the time trying to get the game streaming live on his iphone. LOL.
And now..what you all have been waiting for!
My weight watchers meeting.
Yep, I went.
It was free to sit in.
As soon as I walked in I wanted to run out in the opposite direction.
I saw a dude I went to school with, and his wife, sitting right there as soon as I walked in, in all my fat glory.
Also they are the skinny people you don't expect to be at a WW meeting. LOL. 
I was embarrassed but it is what it is.
Did I learn anything new?  No.
They talked about lunches and planning ahead.  I am already ahead of half the people because I don't eat fried chicken for lunch. I mean, most of the logic is so basic its nothing I don't know.
I am really there to find out cool new ideas, which I didn't really get.
I am also there for the support and accountability.
Which I have to pay for, therefore didn't get as well.
I will say that I love the motivational handouts they give away every week. I like those.
I don't know. I wish they did the old points. I don't know about this new points plus thing, I have done it before and wasn't too successful. Which see, my problem with WW's in the past was that I wanted to eat out for every single meal.  Which, NO kidding yall, when I was gaining my weight, is pretty much what I did. 
Biscuit and hash brown for breakfast.
Lunch was usually chick fila or wendys or burger king or mcdonalds. 
And maybe taco bell for dinner, or perhaps some mcchicken sandwiches.
NOT healthy, people. 
I thought I could be on weight watchers because I could eat what I wanted but I was always hungry because I was eating high points foods with not enough nutrition. 
I think I would do better NOW, because I don't eat that way anymore, BUT I think its a waste of time to convert calories into points when I have been successful with calories.
I am just bored with calories and cant find a motivation.
Ugh. Not sure what to do. Any thoughts?
Ok, in other news I tried this tonight and it was really really GOOD!
330 calories/8 ww points (which I think is high for ww's, but I'm sure is because of the carbs)
The fish is not crispy but it tastes really good!  I loved the rice and broccoli and the apples are delicious!  They come in a caramel sauce that is so tasty! I was kinda iffy on a frozen fish meal, but I'm sure I will get this again, it was very satisfying as far as frozen meals go. 
What have you tried lately?
Do you like points or calories better?
Ever tried weight watchers?


  1. I just started WW! I had too because I have an unhealthy attachment/obsession with calories. Points are just a number and I know healthier options are lower in points! I love it!

  2. Well, you know I'm no help! And not to sound creepy, but your legs look good in the wedding pic! LOL

  3. I love WW. I really do. when I can't afford it I just count calories. If it works for you I think the extra support is great!

  4. I LOVE that dress you wore to the wedding!

    Oh my, I can't imagine seeing an old classmate at WW. Hilarious.

    I go back and forth about paying for the meetings too, but what always happens for me is that if I don't go, I gain weight. For some reason, it works. I have learned not to fight it anymore. Haha. Have a good weekend!


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