Monday, September 9, 2013

A little experiment....

Hey there beautiful people ;)

I hope you all had a Marvelous Monday so far !

I have been praying and thinking and mulling all week over weather or not I should do weight watchers or keep counting calories....

I actually found my points plus calculator. I think the last time I did weight watchers was like September-December 2011.  I quit and started my fitness pal and was pretty successful with that as we all know, until now of course.

Which I am sure it would still work if I actually did it. But I am just so bored with it. 

Anyways this weekend we went to the Charlotte Great Harvest Bakery! It was so fun, we got to try new things and we bought a loaf of their nine grain bread.  The slices are big but over 100 cals each so you cant eat too much at a time LOL.  I got a brunette bar and hubby got a oatmeal raisin cookie.  Some lady came in and bought ALL their power bars, so they must be pretty good!

We also went to trader joes and got some good yummies.
They had the most delicious peaches and I think I have had one every single day since!
I got some trader joes tea and then some passion tea from target.  The trader joes tea is good, I used two splendas in it this morning.
I love my new shades I got at forever 21 this weekend...I was supposed to be birthday shopping for hubby...hehehe. They were only like $5.80 and I have SO missed wearing sun glasses!!!
This was my breakfast this morning.  I actually had the peach after lunch.
I made my skinny chicken parm which is just boneless skinless baked chicken enderloins, with some spaghetti sauce (some new fancy kind from TJ's) and mozzarella cheese with Italian herbs seasonings on it.  I also put some crunchy fried onions under the cheese! Its delicious!
I had some farfalle pasta on the side with some more sauce (also from TJ's) and a side salad.
My little experiment.....
One thing I did today was track all my points and calories. It came out to 1488 calories and 30 points plus.  My target is 27 points and 1400 calories, SO I was pleased to see that was pretty close!
That was even with counting calories for all the zero point foods! 
 I found that free printable online to log my points.
I also had a small piece of turkey when I made hubbys lunch and a small half cup of ice cream after totaling the calories, I still wrote it down though! I am trying this week to track EVERYTHING.  Even if I go over, still track it. 
I was very pleased with today!
I will let you all know tomorrow what my decision is about weight watchers...I hope you all had a great Monday, lets make it a great week!


  1. I meant to tell you another friend of mine said she tried tracking both ww and MFP and they came out super close each time.

    1. yay!! glad someone else saw that too!!!

  2. How did you figure out exactly how many points plus you get now? I can't remember how to figure it. It seems like it changed after the last package I bought but I honestly don't even know where all that stuff is like the books & stuff. But I do know where my OLD regular points calculator is & my newer points plus calculator too. I was thinking of doing this exact experiment just to see. Sometimes even if you know your basically doing the same thing as before just making a change can give you a little motivational boost. I really need one right now because I've been slipping a lot lately. I actually haven't weighed in almost 2 wks & I don't plan to until I have at least a full 7 days of doing good & being on track. I just don't wanna know the damage right now because it might just depress me if it's terrible or if it's not too bad it might make me think it's ok to not get right back on track ya know?

    1. i know what you mean! I just got sick of counting cals for like veggies and fruits which i was not TOTALLY 100% sure the calories of anyway! I googled all that stuff just google how to get weight watchers for free. I will try to send you the link i used on facebook!

    2. Ok! I looked up how to calculate points plus on google. You know the old plan was very basic as far as counting points. It was one point for every 50 cals & it took off one point if the food had more than 4 g of fiber I believe....that's if I'm remembering correctly. I just remember that my brother never even used the points calc because it was so simple to figure points back then. And I think if it was less than 50 cals it was zero. Seemed a lot more simple back then because they didn't make bread & stuff more points like they do now on points plus. Bread that used to be 1 point is now 3.

    3. I know! I was dreading points plus system but honestly the past two days have been pretty good! Which I might change my mind later lol but yeah I was going to say that I googled something I will have to send it to you tomorrow its saved in favorites on my work computer and it will tell you how many points plus to eat! And it was right on target with the number they gave me at the meeting tonight, pretty cool!!!


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