Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Right on Track

As I sit here to write this post, with not much time, but a lot on my mind, let me say first that today on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, our beautiful America needs prayer still. 

The survivors of 9/11, the heros of 9/11 and all those lost on 9/11 and their families are in my heart and mind tonight.  Today.  Do you remember where you were? If you are an American (and maybe even if you are not) I'm sure you do, I think we all do. 

I was in high school....Mr. Schneider's class, to be exact, and we were outside for some reason or another doing some type of science thing when we heard the announcement over the intercom.  I remember spending all day at school watching the tv....that's what we did.  In every classroom, the news was on. 

It was very strange, sad and surreal.  Its even surreal that is has been 12 years now.

I have grown into a post 9/11 world.  We have learned to live in a seemingly never ending Iraq war.  Where those of us at home try to do our best and pretend that we are just one big sitcom on tv, we laugh, we cry, we eat, we have social drama, and family time and life goes on.  But things have changed and sometimes I feel like they will never be the same again.  We have lived through a tragic part of history. 

Makes weight loss seem pretty irrelevant doesn't it?

In case you are wondering, I did stay within all my points today.  I am very excited about this and not feeling obsessed with points either.  I am not eating out a lot and when you eat at home or brown bag it, you get a lot more lower point options.  I am eating probably two to three fruits a day and actually have not been very hungry at ALL.  Which is SO weird.  However, I know that hunger will come back when its Aunt Flow time at the end of the month.  It always does.

My lunch today was a quick one, I planned on soup too but ran out of time.  I had a sandwich with a thin slice of cheese and a very good brand of turkey I picked up at trader joes, its supposed to not have preservatives or something like that.  However, it was not my favorite.  I also had a trader joes organic strawberry yogurt. 

6pts for the sandwich and 2 pts for the yogurt
I have been so excited to hear about you all doing weight watchers!!! I love having ww buddies on here!!
Let me know any of your favorite things or tips and tricks!!
Oh and I was in target today picking up some things and I saw this that I really want!!! Its a cute command center to hang on the wall with a chalkboard!! 15.99 though :( wahhh.
I hope yall have had a wonderful day and stayed on track.
We can do this!!


  1. You are so right about getting more for your calories or points when you eat at home. What fruits do you usually choose?

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    2. This week I got bananas, pears, cantaloupes and grapes and picked up some figs in the mountains!


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