Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Your Mother is Always Right

My mother has been telling me to TRY something for a long long time now.

And at first, I will admit I was not very...interested.

But let me say, I am so sad I waited so long to do this!

Tonight I went to Captain D's and got the BEST white fish ever.

Its broiled.

It comes on a bed of rice.

With some sweet chilli sauce on the side.

And a side of broccoli.  0pp

And a side salad.

And a breadstick

I got an unsweet iced tea with lemon.

All for $6.99.

It was SO good yall...and this southern girl didn't even need tartar sauce!

My meal came to 12 pp which is GREAT for Captain D's, yall!

The best part is how FILLING it is!

It was a great meal despite the bad customer service! LOL I cannot wait to go back.  If yall have a captain d's you MUST try it!! Thanks Mom!! :)

In other news...

Kitty Noel is ready for Gander Mountain's fall sale!!
Whats your favorite healthy meal to eat out?


  1. That is adorable of the kitty!!! Captain Ds can DEF be a points sucker! 12 pp is good for there!

  2. This meal is off the chain!!! I am so glad you tried it! Love you!! Your MAMA!!!!


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