Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wedding Day!

Wedding Day!

Ok yall so I had my normal for breakfast this morning: English muffin, egg whites, cheese and a banana.  Coffee, of course. 

Then I totally didn't eat lunch until I had a banana on the way to the wedding.

At the wedding...this was my plate.

I got one pimento cheese triangle on bread, two quishes (cant spell that), a bit of a cheeseball, like 4 ritz looking crackers, a chocolate covered strawberry (which hubby took a bite of and I bit his twice for pay back!) I had some spinach dip, a tiny bit of ranch I barely used and some sort of fruit dip.  I loaded up on the free fruit and veggies.  I had one meat ball and ate part of a mini weenie wrapped in bacon.

As for the was gorgeous.

I SOOOO wanted some from the minute I saw it. 

I had one bite of hubbys.

And Im pretty sure I snuck another bite if my memory serves me correctly.

Then I tried a bit of my grandmas coconut custard that my mom was eating. I am talking a very SMALL bite. 

Yall, this was totally a WIN! I did not get my own desert or really even "share" with someone, as my mom suggested we do. LOL.  Sharing means I will eat 3-4 bites which is probably equal to a small piece. 

What I try to think about (here lately) when I am in the moment wondering how I will survive without all this wonderful that a party only lasts for a few hours, then I will be away from it and GLAD I did not eat it. 

I wanted to go out to eat so bad because I was still hungry! That little plate with barely no protein, was my LUNCH. At like 4pm LOL.  But I didn't.

Came home, had a turkey sandwich, mustard only and French onion soup with shreadded cheese. 

I then had some of these babies:

They are SO good!!!!
You can have a serving for 3pts and I had 4pts worth.
I also had a coffee to go with it.
I am very pleased with my choices today but I really wish I hadn't even had that small bite of cake.  But honestly, I think it was ok and I don't have a real big regret because I did not go over board and I did NOT eat mindlessly. 
At the wedding they also had a candy bar...I had ONE cookies and cream Hershey kiss while I was waiting in line to get food.  And after I ate (and was wanting more food and cake..) I had some mints from the candy bar instead, to clean my palate!!
I was really happy about that idea! 
SO tomorrow is the baby shower, which I am hoping to load up on the free fruits and veggies and limit the other foods.  And again, stay away from the cake. 
I will try to report back tomorrow night!  It really helps to post here and hold myself accountable!!
Its been dreary and rainy here pretty much all day long.  I have had the pumpkin/cinnamon smells going today, so excited tomorrow is the first day of fall!!!
I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. I will be here waiting for your results, so do NOT skip out because you tell yourself you are sleepy. So you just remember that tomorrow when you are faced with cake! Ha! Oh, I looked it up... it's quiches. lol

    1. hahahah thank you!! I knew you would know!! LOL And umm this deleting the blog thing is not working for me. I want you to get right back on it missy!!! I will report back tomorrow. :) hehe just for you...

    2. LOL, crazy girl. I may not be blogging, but I'm loving fb! LOL

    3. Can I say "ditto" to what Lauryn said about deleting your blog, lol. Really miss your blog. Lauryn, love your blog also! I love to hear what others are doing and what they are eating. Gives me great ideas. I just don't post much for some reason!


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