Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chicken fijita bowls!

Well well well.

I saw a pleasant number on the scale this morning, much to my surprise.

However I am feeling very bloated as I type this. Blah.

But oh my goodness we had the best chicken fajita bowls tonight!!!

I have had sooo much more energy today. 

My bestie also came to see me at work today and that made me happy, happy, happy!

My work at lunch filled me up SO much I think because of all the baby carrots I ate! They aren't my favorite but I love that they are zero points, good for your eyes and they crunch!

I had a pickle, turkey sandwich with mustard, and grapes, and a strawberry yogurt to accompany them :)

I didn't eat anything else except a mint until I got home!
Hubby was home today so he had some chicken tenderloins thawing and I cut them in strips and used two tsp of olive oil (trying to get my oils in!) and cooked them.  I also cooked up some frozen tri colored bell peppers from trader joes and onions. 
This is how I layered the bowl:
2/3 cup brown rice-4pts
salsa-0 pts
chicken with peppers and onions-3pts
1/4 cup corn-1 pt
1/4 cup black beans-1 pt
cheese & light sour cream-2 pts
more salsa-0 pts
I also had some blue trader joes corn tortilla chips.
It was so yummy and filling!
I am ready for the weekend I think!! 
I don't really have any plans, which I love!
But one of my plans is for sure to go stock up on smart one meals because I will probably be eating alone for a good bit of the weekend because Hubby has to work out of town. 
Planning is key to staying on track!
I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


  1. "My work at lunch filled me up SO much..." LOL, ummm edit??? I had to read it 3 times to figure out whether it was wrong or my brain was just fried. Ha! Your din din looks delish. I am just NOT a carrot kind of girl. I can handle shredded ones in salads or cooked ones like from Cracker Barrel. But I just finally quit buying carrots because I never eat them. Glad you can get them down. I like most other veggies, though. :)

    1. LOL u are hilarious!!! It really did because it was a TON of carrots and grapes. I made myself eat the carrots first LOL I can eat them individually like chips so i kinda trick myself into liking them hahaha. I just love they are zero points too!!! I love the ones at cracker barrel though girl they are soooo good!!! I wish i knew how they made them!!

  2. How did you season your chicken for the fajita bowls? I tried one of the packaged fajita seasonings once & it just didn't taste good. I love fajitas though & it's all I ever get at mexican restaurants I just would love to recreate that flavor at home. Oh! Guess what I went on a mad hunt for this weekend??? Apple cider k cups. Walmart didn't have them so I told the hubs I just HAD to go to Target to see if they had them & luckily they did. I just don't think he understood my desire for them lol! I got the Green Mountain Naturals kind & I can't wait to try them.

    1. I will have to go to target now!! LOL yayy!! oh and I used Goya!!! sooo easy. it comes in a box with about maybe 10 seasoning packets in it??


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