Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baby Shower & Okra Fries!?

Hey Loves!!

Ok so today was the baby shower.

I made my buffalo chicken dip as healthy as I could with 2% cheese, fat free ranch and 1/3 fat cream cheese.  Everyone loved it and I'm sure no one noticed it was healthy! The Daddy to be told me to give my cousin (the mommy) the recipe because he loved it! LOL.

Me and my cousin April with Baby Braden in the tummy due to appear in November! SO excited!

She is a teacher and he is a coach/teacher so the sports theme was very appropriate!
I was there for about three hours total.

I have to admit I ate a bit more than I planned.
I ate my plate and then snacked a tiny bit more at the table, but honestly I didn't do that bad.
There was dips and cheeses and crackers and fruit.  Everything was great!
I did end up having a small piece of cake :(
But I tracked it! 
Speaking of cake, my Mom made April the cutest diaper cake!
So... due to my small piece of cake, I decided that once I got home I wouldn't eat anything that wasn't free fruits or veggies.
I had a banana, a pear, some coffee and some roasted okra!
My sweet Aunt had given me a huge bag of okra this week so I washed it, cut the stems off and threw some curry powder on it and put it in the oven at 450 for 15 mins.  I let it sit a minute or two longer in there after I checked it.  It was pretty good!  You might want to salt them too.
I might have some grapes before bed, not sure.  I also had a decaf coffee.
Y'all I actually took a NAP when I got home today.  If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know I don't nap. LOL.  It was glorious though.  I fell asleep on hubby on the couch, hehe.
Well I blinked and the weekend is over, funny how that happens!
Lets make it a great week yall!
OH...also my low number I have seen ALL weekend.  Now it will be various point whatevers, but the main number is still showing! I hope I didn't screw it up today LOL but we will see Tuesday I suppose.  At least all the parties and showers are over for a while I think!
Night loves!!!


  1. I have been wanting to try the okra forever but I keep forgetting to buy it. That dress looks amazing on you BTW! Very nice in that first picture there.

  2. Sounds like you've done great all weekend! I can't say the same with mom being in the hospital there has been no cooking & lots of vending machine snackage/having to get food out which always throws me off my game. It's ok though. Something about Mondays always gets my head back on straight... I've just been too stressed to care this weekend. I'm praying we know more tomorrow about what's going on with her & what comes next. Can't wait to see how your weigh in goes! I'm sure it's gonna be great because you deserve it after being tempted all weekend! Love ya!

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  4. I can't stand pretty pregnant people like that! LOL She looks radiant! And I really like that dress on you. :) Okay, so you had cake. Now you can't have any on your trip. HAHA Seriously, sounds like you tried to balance it out with all f/v the rest of the day. Good for you. Yay for the low # still being there!

  5. You look great girl!!!!! And good for you all for having the shower early...I have 5 weeks to go and my shower isn't for 2 weeks! gah!


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