Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fat School

It felt very similar to going to class tonight....when I was walking up to my weight watcher meeting!!!

I did in fact choose to try weight watchers for the FOURTH time.  Which is ok, my leader said tonight it took her three times before she hit lifetime. 

This meeting was much better than last week.

For example: 

1. Boy from high school was NOT there.  His wife, however, was.  Which I am fine with.

2. There was lots more people there tonight!  Maybe last week was like people skipping out because of Labor Day or something but like NO ONE was there. 

3. I got some questions answered and I was pretty happy about it.

4. I got to be in the company of other women in my area who are losing weight/trying to.

5. It might be my FOURTH time but I weighed in LOWER than ever before at Weight Watchers!!!!

Oh, and after the meeting started some lady came running in with chocolate cake...I was like what the...?

Isnt that like bringing alcohol to an AA meeting?

Haha I guess not, when you figure you can have everything in moderation with weight watchers.  My leader said she eats out just about every night, you just cant treat EVERY eating out meal as a celebration or "treat".  Makes sense. 

I was very pleased and right now if you sign up and do the monthly pass you get a month free! And if I refer someone they get a subscription to WW magazine and I get ANOTHER free month. SO yall go sign up now, ya hear?! :)

I got some coupons, and a weekly little thing they give you plus a welcome kit. 
I also bought some of these suckers that I have been wanting to try since they came out but I was counting calories then! LOL
They are pretty good. Probably wont buy them again. I don't think they are worth two points!
They were on sale at the meeting though. 
I stayed for the getting started meeting or whatever and was able to ask her how I should count my chicken fijitas every sunday LOL I get so confused I hate estimating calories/points! 
I didn't get home till nearly 8:30!!
I had a kashi bar in the meeting for 4 pts and then I got home and had a healthy choice Asian sesame meal for 8 pts and a celebration bar for 2 pts.
It was good! I still have one point left!

I am so excited to have a fresh start!!!
I hope you all have a great Tuesday and no matter what you do, never give up!!



  1. Best of luck to you,Lauryn! I am considering doing it again but starting my day at supper each day. That way, I know what I have left to split for bfast and lunch the next day and maybe mentally will feel like I get a fresh start every day??? I've heard other people do it, so I thought it was worth a try. :)

    1. thanks chicka!!! I think that is a great idea!!! I am super excited for you, please start blogging again I miss you!!!!!

  2. Hi missy! So nice to see you excited about WW and staying on track. I love those Healthy Choice steamers meals! I had one yesterday too. Keep us posted on how WW is going and of course meal ideas. Happy humpday!

    1. Hey love, glad to see you back!!!! I want to see a post from you soon!! hehe I love those steamers, I had another one tonight, sooo good!!!

  3. yay!!! I am so excited! I am doing ww too. I am on week three and need some buddy support!!!

    1. yay annie!!!! I am so glad you are doing it!!! We can do it together, what are some things you are loving?

  4. I am also doing WW!!! We can do it...

    1. Yay lisa!!! I am so excited about it!!!

  5. I am also doing WW!!! We can do it...

  6. My Best Friend does WW and she looks amazing!!! Good luck and PUSH on Pretty lady:)
    Stop by my blog and say hi.



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