Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Candy Corn Crack, Soup Night & Staci

What a day.

I am going to spare you the details but just rest assured that today was QUITE stressful.

My shoe even broke...I mean it was THAT kind of day.

Oh and my dear sweet Aunt Flow made her appearance bright and early this morning around 7am. 


But I did see another good number on the scale!!

However, it will probably not be too pretty tomorrow because Hubster did the grocery shopping today... BLESS him.  Yall should have read my hilarious texts describing the feminine products I needed him to pick up. Bahaha.

He is super smart.  He also picked up this...

I enjoyed three of the pumpkins while getting ready for a bath tonight. 
Melt in your mouth fall goodness, I tell you!
Oh and I am never again getting caramels for the candy dish on my desk.
First off, I actually LIKE them. 

NOT a good idea.
Second, all the guys at work stalk my desk. 
UM they are for CUSTOMERS not for yall to eat 10 a day!!!
It is super annoying. 
Because when I see them eat them it makes me want one too!
NO MORE caramels.
Ok so dinner tonight was half a grilled cheese sandwich for 3pts
Chicken and rice soup for 2 pts
Carrots for 0 pts
I later had an apple for 0 pts
and a decaf coffee.
I also grabbed a few more candies then threw them up in the cabinets away from my grubby little paws!!
I am thinking about doing some fall baking, WW FRIENDLY of course, this weekend. 
And I discovered I have like NO real fall d├ęcor ...ok hardly ANY so I must at least go to the dollar store haha.
Ok and if yall know STACI and read her blog, please comment below and tell her to come BACK!!!
Staci I miss youuuu!!!!


  1. LOL. You are TOO FUNNY, Lauren. I'm the first one to comment, so it doesn't look like your plan is working. Bwahahahaha. I laughed when I saw your candy corns. I bought some tonight at Dollar General and went straight for the pumpkins! :)

    1. hahah my plan DID work and you better come back to us now woman!!!!! the people have spoken!!!!

  2. I love Staci! I have missed reading her blog especially since y'all are the only two I regularly read. Come back please Staci!!!! We miss you!!! Lauryn, I'm somewhat obsessed with all things fall lol! I just recently got some cute little fake pumpkins & a middle sized real pumpkin at Walmart. I also got a little battery operated fountain that lights up & reminds me of fall even though it can totally be out year round because it's just cute & country looking. I got a quilt at Walmart last year that has the prettiest fall colors & fall leaves all over it & I got it just to fold up & put leave on the couch...I LOVE it! I spent like $10 total on the pumpkins & fountain but I am totally gonna hit the Dollar Tree up too. One thing I have figured out is to check out different Dollar Generals or Dollar Trees because they all have diff stuff like the Dollar Tree in Southport has all kinds of stuff that ours here at home doesn't carry so I always have to hit that one when we go to the beach...especially around holidays. :)

    1. that is a good idea!! you are so right they do carry different things!! Now I need to go to walmart, you have me wanting to buy punkins haha!!! That fountain sounds soooo cute!!! I am in love with fall stuff too, I really hope to buy some apple cider k cups this weekend hehehe. I hope Staci comes back too! :(

    2. I didn't even know apple cider k cups existed!!!!!!! Omg I have to have them!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hahaha - let us know what fall baking recipes you use! :) Also, I always feel this need to get fall decor, but then I get it out right about Christmas time. I am a mess.

    Have a good day!

    1. I know, it seems like the fall ALWAYS goes by faster than any other season for some reason!! I will definitely let yall know what recipes, I am thinking pumpkin muffins with the canned pumpkin and cake mix!!!

  4. Girl! That candy corn is crack. I have to stay away from it. I am in the mood to bake too and am looking for fall, baking, skinny type recipes. Any ideas?

    1. I know!!! I have been avoiding buying it...but hubby bought it without meee!! hahah I am thinking pumpkin with cake mix? I made my pumpkin fluff and loved it!!!

  5. I hope Staci comes back too. I really miss her blog!!!! I love decorating for fall. I think I'm going to start this weekend. My husband is going away so he won't know exactly how "much" stuff I have. It doesn't look as bad when it's all over the house instead of in boxes. LOL. Have a great day.

    1. LOL Sue! I think iam going to have to go shopping this weekend! I sooo miss her blog too!!!! I am hoping she will come back!!!

  6. For some reason, the pumpkin candy corn tastes so much better than the actual candy corn. Or maybe that's just me?

    1. it does!!! the punkins are wayyy more addicting!!

  7. I really miss reading staci's blog, hope youcome back!


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