Monday, September 16, 2013

Lake Lure, Chimney Rock & Hubbys Birthday!

Hey loves!

Whew, we have had quite the whirlwind weekend!  Friday we went to Cheddars with my grandma, hubby and my parents for Hubbys birthday dinner!  I got the grilled chicken with carrots and brocooli and it came with rice.  I had a small piece of cake too.

Then the next day my parents came over and we watched Bama vs. Texas AMU.  Oh what a game! In fact its on tv now again lol.  ROLL TIDE!

Sunday was Hubby's real birthday, he turned 30! We woke up, he opened his presents from me, and we went to the mountains!  I hadn't been to Lake Lure since I was a kid, and Jacob had never been.  So, we headed about 2 hours out to Lake Lure, NC (where they filmed lots of Dirty Dancing scenes) and also Chimney Rock which is about a mile down from Lake Lure. 

We had a great lunch at the Old Rock Café, which are known for their burgers.  I got the Chimney Classic.  It was my cheat meal for the day!  It came with seasoned fries.  The other side options were all fatty so I went ahead and went with the fries and gave some to Hubby when I realized I was getting full. It was DELICIOUS!

We went and put our feet in the creek behind the little strip of shops on Main St. and cooled off a bit, it was pretty warm outside!  We walked up and down the strip, looking in the cute little shops.

I SO bought that shirt. :)
Before we went to chimney rock we got some ice cream.  I got mint moose tracks, recommended by my Bestie.
Then Jacob decided he wanted to go up to the top of chimney rock.  Just to get in the park it was 15.00 a person.  However, lucky us, the rate was reduced to 12.00 a person because the elevator was broke and you couldn't get to the waterfalls either.  Lucky us, their was still stairs, 498 to be exact, going up!
Also lucky us, Jacob got in free for his birthday!  We didn't expect that!  12.00 for both of us was a steal!
The view at the top was worth every step.  Breathtaking.
Later on we drove about 2 or 3 miles into Bat Cave, NC to the Cider Mill and got the best tasting NO SUGAR NO NOTHING added apple cider.  Ice cold.
I did pretty good even though the whole day was up in the air eating wise.  I had a egg mc muffin from mcdonalds on the way there, with a banana.  I brought some bananas and pears to snack on and some trail mix (we loved the trail mix after that big hike up the mountain!).  I brought some 100 cal special k packs and had one with a subway club we split on the way home.  Over all it was a great day, and I made sure to track everything today from yesterday.  Except the cider but that soooo should count as 0 pts plus. Haha.
Weight watchers weigh in is tomorrow!! Say a prayer for me!! LOL.
How was your weekend?  What do you do to stay on track when you have an unplanned day?


  1. Sounds like you tried to enjoy yourself, yet exhibit self control. That's something you can live with! :) Happy bday to your hubby.

  2. I'm dying right now. I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE Dirty Dancing fan and would die to visit where some of the scenes were shot.

    And it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway....ROLLLLLLLLL TIDE!

  3. Aw girl, it looks like you had a fabulous weekend!!! I want to go Lake Lure now. Burger and fries are one of my favorite cheat meals, too. Happy belated to your hubs!

  4. I really love the Chimney Rock area. We went a few years ago and the elevator was broke. My husband, brother in law and his girlfriend made it to the top. I stopped when I got to the stairs where there is no mountain under them and couldn't go any farther due my fear of heights. Amazing views though and one hell of a workout.


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