Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Last Night

Last night I did not blog.

I came home, changed, and plopped on the bed with some icee's from the freezer.

I watched 2 and a Half Men until Hubby got home.

Then we went and got gas and dinner.

We ate in bed, after I convinced him it was funner that way.

Doing nothing, eating in bed, on a random tuesday night and the best pep talks in the world.

Just a couple reasons why I love him.
My personal advice to you all today?
Eat in bed.
It's funner.


  1. Look, what you do in your bed is your business... but what did you eat? LOL, jk. Glad you got some pep talks! :)

    1. LOL!! too bad it was only LITERALLY eating in bed hahaha. I had Mcdonalds happy meal...not one but two! ahhhh fatty! LOL good thing they come with apples and the smallest fry in the WORLD now lol


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