Thursday, August 1, 2013

Baby Shower & Brother Update

Hey loves!

I am so sorry for the absence lately but I was just not feeling well last week or at the start of this week.  I am feeling better now though and I wanted to update you all!

We had a baby shower for our Bible study girls tonight at Panera Bread.  There are three of them preggo! Two boys and a girl!  We are all so excited!!!

April (with baby Braden) Lauren (with Baby Chapel) and Christin (with Baby Jacob)
Me and April with Baby Braden in the tummy :)
April is my cousin also for those of you new to the blog :)
I am so excited for everyone!!!
It was a surprise shower and they were all so happy!
I am so tired right now. This week has just drained me of energy. LOL.
Plus I spent half the day at a DMV in another state for work. Can we say BORING?
My food was great today, very much on par, except for the cupcake I ate at the party.
Bah. Oh well.
Me and Hubby are really going to try to get on the ball and eat cleaner. 
I am not going to buy us splenda any more, either real sugar (for him) or Truvia (for me). 
The more I read about it the more I know we shouldn't be consuming it. 
I really want to make a trip to Costco this weekend too. There are so many things I want to stock up on. I haven't been since like April!
Oh and please pray for my sweet brother if you think about it, he has pneumonia right now and has been on bed rest the past two days.  This is probably the sickest he has been (maybe ever) and he is very far from home.  AND he has to depend on his room mates to get him food, last night they only gave him a hot pocket (poor guy). 
Good thing is, he graduates in like 7 days on August 8th, but he wont know where he is going till then! Apparently they hand you a plane ticket and then just tell you where to go! Ugh. Pray its close, yall! 
Love you all SO SO much and hope you are having a wonderful week!!
xoxo Lauyn


  1. Those 3 preggos are absolutely radiant! Hate them. LOL Glad you are feeling better and had a good day today. Your poor brother. Nothing like a good Hot Pocket to help your pneumonia. @@ They need Army mommies, seriously!

    1. I know, poor kid! LOL But yes they are gorgeous!!! Two are mommies for the first time and the girl in the middle is preggo with her fourth!!! Love all the babies!


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