Monday, August 26, 2013

Things that SUCKED today

Top 10 Sucky Things about Today....

I could seriously use one of these right now...

1. Woke up to a swollen face because I cried myself to sleep about my dog last night. I miss her like crazy. I literally can feel the void of her. The emptiness. 

2. Then marched into the bathroom half asleep to find a gigantic spider in the bath tub.  I had to go find some glasses so I could see the creeper and then I sprayed it with Windex.  That caused it to hide under a washcloth so I had to go grab an old shoe and smash it. Then by the time I disinfected the shower, I decided to take a the other bathroom...away from spiders.

3. I managed somehow, to grab everything I needed for work, except my keys, and shut the locked front door. Fabulous. Thank the good sweet Lord, I called Hubby (whose phone had luckily NOT died yet) and he told me where to get the spare key. Still had to call my boss and was 10 minutes late.

4. After a few hours at work I discovered Aunt Flow had came to visit me, which explains #1 a lot more.

5. 50 trillion customers interrupted me today anytime I was trying to be productive.

6. I got bad cramps. Thanks for nothing, Midol.

7. Got a phone call from Hubby that he just spent $170.00 on Amazon.  Reminded Hubby, not so sweetly, that 7 years ago during out marriage counseling we decided $50.00 was the limit on spending without CONSULTING THE OTHER!!!!

8. Checked my mail to see if my amended tax return check was there, and it wasn't. Again.

9. Made eggs for dinner. Proceeded to also bake some rolls and ate them with strawberry rhubarb jelly from Gatlinburg.  Wait. That started to sound good. I ate 400 calories worth before I banned myself from the kitchen.

10. Probably just disappointed Hubby because I didn't make him dinner and he just now got home....#wifefail #heissickofeggs #nowthecatwantsattention

11. Just to add-I had to hear about Miley Cyrus. All. Day. Long.

Despite the sucky, it was still a good day. Lots to be thankful for and lots of blessings.

Cheer me up, whats one good thing that happened to you today?

I must say...that roll and jelly did make me feel better :)


  1. I've had one of those days too, sweetie. So sorry you've had such a rough day.

    My one good thing for the day: I discovered you and I aren't having it nearly as bad as Miley Cyrus is today.... :)

  2. LOL, poor woman. I hate Aunt Flo. She always makes me act like an idiot. Notice my whiny blog post today and compare that to the info that AF is due by Friday. Blahhhhh. Hate. Her. Hope tomorrow is much better!!!

  3. Wow! $170.00 w/o even mentioning it til the deed was done?! I would be HOT! Even if it was something for me I would be hot lol! The good thing that happened to me today is just that I'm so excited that me, Kayla & my mom are finally getting to take a girl trip to the beach before competition dance starts back plus all her regular dance classes. We have a free place to stay & yet we haven't been all summer...something is wrong with that picture. Gonna rectify that situation by this Thursday & probably eat like a little heffer while we're gone! LOL! I will try not to but you know how it goes on vaca it's just so much harder. You don't wanna cook & going out makes it harder to make good choices...or it does for me anyway. Btw, my eyes are still hurting from watching that Miley Cyrus performance (ummm not really a performance)...I'll never get those minutes of my life back lol! Just had to throw that in since you said you had to hear about her all day. :)

  4. Aww pumpkin! So sorry that you had a crappy day. I actually got a run in yesterday for the first time in forever. Oh and I finally finally got a Polar watch!!! I am so excited. I am sure today will be much much have nowhere to go but up!

  5. Hey. I get down like this too. Pretty often. I have to literally start ignoring stuff so that I slowly float back into happy world again.

    You can do it. You're a strong gal :) keep your chin up dearie.

  6. I love the comment about not as a bad day as Miley!! Too funny. Second you never said what was bought for $170.00 on amazon at that. Naughty hubby!! Ummmm something good and bad about my day.....bad still no ring good found out I'm not Driving alone to charlotte two time as week.

  7. It was one of those days wasn't it!!! Ugh Tomorrow will be a lot better I'm sure :)


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