Thursday, August 15, 2013

On plan, Baby Brother & Low Carb Dinner

Hey guys!

I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know how things have been going this week!  I have ate REALLY well except I had a bit too many chips yesterday night when we ate Mexican but I said NO I am not going to worry about it, I ordered pretty healthy other than that and I have worked out every single day this week!  I am also logging into myfitnesspal!

Ok so today I got contacts YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited and so tired of hearing that I look like that chick from criminal minds. AHEM.

So I plan on being hot for my man for vacation this year!! We have been looking at hotels and cabins this week. I kinda want a hotel more but some of those rooms cost as much as a cabin! How much is too much for yall to pay for a hotel room? I am SO stinkin cheap that the entire time we have been married I usually go with the cheapest thing, however the past two years we have somewhat upgraded but I still have a cheapie heart <3 lol.

We are also planning to go the week of Thanksgiving which makes it more expensive but extends my vacation a bit longer lol.

In other news little brother is shipping out to Oceana, Virginia!  Do I have any VA readers?  I am so glad its close!  He will be 22 in a couple of days and this is the first birthday I have ever missed.

Ok so in closing I am going to tell you about what I ate for dinner! It was very low carb and delicious. 

One bag of steamable broccoli
One salmon burger
Shreadded cheese
Texas Pete

I cooked the burger on the stove, popped the broccoli into the microwave and cooked it.  I basically cut up the burger and threw it all into a bowl and drizzled hot sauce over it. LOVED IT!!!!!

Happy Friday everyone! I will try to post some this weekend!!!!

Im still about 5lbs away from my pedicure...wahhhhhhh!!!!


  1. Virginia Beach is beautiful, my husband is from there.

  2. I live about 2 1/2 hours away to Va Beach!!! Love it there!!!

  3. Are we friends on MFP?? If not I'm adrienneosuna :)

  4. We used to go for the cheapest hotel rooms but have had so many nightmares with nasty hotel rooms that we usually go for the nice hotels now. It's worth it. You can find good deals on Expedia and Groupon.


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