Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend fun & First green smoothie EVER!

Hey loves!

I hope you all had a fabulous Monday!! Mine was pretty good.

This weekend has been pretty cool.  Friday me and hubs ate some Japanese and went tax free shopping and Costco shopping! 

Saturday I had an eye appointment to get contacts and before that I worked and mom and me had lunch at the best little Chinese place that mom used to go to a lot.  We also did some random shopping/window shopping!  I had to run by Costco and aldis again to stock up for the week.  Finally got some k cups! I have been missing them so.


Sunday we went to church and then to Zaxbys for lunch.  Our Zaxbys gives you a free drink if you show your church bulletin on Sunday.  I got the grilled chicken salad with the cheese and fried onions on the side.  It was so good.  We did more tax free shopping for hubby and got him some stuff for work.  He came home and after some resting washed and completely detailed my car. I loves him.

Today was good.  I started out with my FIRST ever green smoothie!!!

It was really good! I couldn't taste the spinach!  I used a scoop of Jillian Michaels vanilla shake protein powder, 1 cup almond milk, half a banana (frozen), and some ice. 

Then later on I had half a cup of vanilla greek yogurt with pineapple and pecan chips sprinkled on top.

Lunch was a curried tuna wrap with veggies and apples.

Cherries for a snack. 

I came home and made salmon burgers and broccoli and mac and cheese (hubby had a hard Monday!).  It was great.

I got these dole frozen bananas dipped in dark chocolate (100 cals a pack) at Costco and had one. Then had some frozen berries (one pack of splenda) with a bit of milk. SO good! Like ice cream almost.  And then some fresh raspberries the same way in a small bit of milk.  Thanks for the idea mom! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  What have you been up to?


  1. I've tried to find those chocolate dipped nanner chips and so far haven't located them. Bummer. I was recently thinking I need to try a green smoothie, too. Maybe you will inspire me. Lol

  2. I think the green smoothie sounds awesome! How much spinach do you put in it? I love you!! MOM

  3. New to the blog! First off, I love seeing your mom commenting on your blog! Thats awesome!

    So the smoothie is spinach, almond milk, banana, ice?! Thats it..And it honestly doesn't taste horrible? lol!


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