Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Most Important Number

I don't care what anyone says.

The number on the scale IS important. 

It's what we all go by to measure our weight loss success or failure.

Yeah, you shouldn't let the number on a scale define you, you should want to be lean and muscular, etc...

But honestly I could give two unicorn farts about muscle.


That is unheard of in the weight loss blog community!

But its true.

I just wanna be skinny. I want to weigh 150 lbs and get my new wardrobe hubby promised me.

Is that too much to ask????

It is if you also want to be a fatty who eats animal crackers for deserts and makes casserole's for dinner that are supposed to be "skinny" but they aren't when you eat 2-3 servings of them.

I digress.

Basically I know weight lifting is good for you, nothing wrong with a little muscle.  I know that it burns calories longer than cardio...I have read all about it.  But I just like cardio.

Trust me. It was hard for me to "like" any exercise at all.

I was always picked last for teams in gym class, I HATED running the mile and was always last and out of breath and dreaded gym like the PLAGUE!!!!

So the fact that I can put up with cardio in my life, is amazing.

Listen I just want the freaking scale to me...are ya with me?

I don't know what to do. I KNOW I have to count calories but the more cleaner I eat the harder it is, because I don't really know how many calories is in THAT particular apple or banana.  I am sorry but I like food with a bar code. 

I like healthy food too its just harder to log for certain the calories.


Anyone loose a ton of weight on cardio alone? What do you do in the gym?


  1. The scale is my leader. Right now, it's telling me I'm totally going in the right direction. I'm with you. I want to be skinny, but I want to be skinny while eating junk. Until I fix that, I'm NOT gonna get skinny. Not that YOU'RE eating junk. I got sidetracked about muah for a minute. Lol Anyway, I feel your pain and your struggles. Blah.

    1. LOL you made me laugh...I want to be skinny and eat junk too! haha But yes, I know what you mean. Totally. I really have been pretty good lately I just will not for the life of me LOG every single bite. And i know that is key :(

  2. Now I want animal crackers

  3. If you actually like cardio & can make yourself get up & go to the gym to DO cardio, then I say you should so what you have found you like. I pay attn to the scale also. I can't help it. I weigh every day & sometimes I get so ticked when it's Wednesday & I haven't seen that number move all flippin' week! Then on Thursday it might move a lb or 2 so I know I just have to keep going. But lately I've been slipping on the weekends again & that's something I had stopped doing when Ronnie was doing this with me & now he stopped. :( I think that maybe when I see the # on the scale that I wanna see I will probably get more obsessed with toning & all that kinda like Stacey...she didn't really work out a whole lot or join the gym til she got down below 150, ya know? But right now I must say I agree wholeheartedly...I'm more concerned with seeing that number or getting to that size. I could give 2 unicorn farts about muscle either LOL! You are a trip!

    1. hahahah ashley you are too funny!!! LOL You are so right ...and that is exactly what I had planned in my head. Get to 150, see how I like my body and then if I want to tone, TONE. Know what I mean? I see cardio as feasable for my life, pretty much in any situation there is somewhere to walk or run, often free. But weights and lifting is honestly not something I see myself doing forever anyway. I jut have pretty much a non-desire of it. That might change but for now I just like cardio and I am having a cardio pitty party!! LOL

  4. You are still building muscle while doing cardio! Cardio is good! I hate lifting weights! LOL I log in "weight lifting 30 mins" and get like 20 calorie burn. Um no.


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