Monday, July 8, 2013

Preppage & Getting Bit

Happy Monday all!

Sorry I was MIA this weekend, we actually went to Pensacola, FL to visit my brother for 4th of July weekend.  This past weekend I spent over 24 hours riding in a car combined, so forgive me for not posting. LOL.

Anyways!! I am going to do a recap on that tomorrow probably, because I have totally ran out of time tonight!

I wanted to show yall an awesome little snack I tried today.

Few rasins
one tbsp. natural pb
rice cake
So good!
Oh and dinner was yummy too, I did really well today!
So this afternoon I got another headache.
If you have been reading this blog for at least a week then you know that I have been getting them in the afternoon due to lack of caffeine ( I HOPE!).
So I was talking to my brother this weekend, who is ALWAYS drinking water (and Monster's but mostly water, with ALL meals since he joined the military--and really before, when he was recruiting) and he suggested caffeine pills.
He said that he takes them, and it got me thinking that would be a great solution instead of diet soda in the afternoon, which I don't even want.  So hubby picked me up some today and I will try them tomorrow. 
Needless to say, I DID get a headache today, picked up a coffee hoping it would do the trick and it did NOT work, and I ended up suffering for over an hour and taking 3 ibuprofiens.
But I have not had any soda today.  #WINNING.
Ok so after work, during my headache, I went to Aldis and picked up enough groceries to last us for a good long while.
$133.00 doll hairs later I get my butt home and hubby is helping me unload groceries when I get unmercifully attacked by fire ants in the driveway.
Ok so then I proceeded to prep my lunches and snacks for the week.
Thanks to my girl Wendy and her clean eating thing she has got goin on over at A Daily Dose of Del Signore I used her idea and had couscous with baked chicken, side salad and then I also made up carrots/broccoli to dip in spicy ranch (one tbsp).
Btw, the olive oil roasted garlic couscous at Aldis is AMAZEBALLS! go get it right now.
Did you guys prep food for this week? What's your go to snack going to be?


  1. I went shopping tonight, so no prepping yet. My mom always gets attacked by fire ants. I never have. Rescuing Mom from fireants is the ONE TIME hubby has rubbed his hands up and down Mom's legs. Hahaha

  2. Look at you food prepping. I have been wanting to try couscous but am scurred. What does it taste like? Your poor little foot! Are you ok? Other than that it looks like you had a great day. I don't really food prep because I usually take leftover from the night before so I just make sure my lunch is packed at night so that I can grab it in the mornings.


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