Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lunch Options & More Cravings

Well hello there beautiful people!

Today I had to battle the eating out cravings AGAIN.

UGH I think its almost "that time" of the month and I am like getting lazy, tired and craving-ish. Haha. But its no excuse!

However, I thought about my goals and went home and made delicious tuna melts!

They are on English muffins and I sautéed the last of the zuchinni on the side.
I also had some cottage cheese with fruit cocktail.
Hubby is watching an old college football game.
I know he is just itching for football season!
Ok so I tried another yogurt which was 230 calories!!!!
I barely ate it...I ate the toppings and a bit of the yogurt but that is way too many calories for a yogurt.
Well, for the calories I had allotted for breakfast, anyway.  I also had a trail mix bar thing.
It was OK.
I thought I would show yall the inside too.
I definitely prefer the key lime!
In fact I may get more, they are 1.00 right now at Target!
Speaking of Target, hubby just saw my 27.00 I spent Tuesday on the online banking. LOL.
Ohhh I love explaining my needs to him. Haha.
I have one more freaking taco salad to eat, that I SHOULD eat tomorrow. I just really am so sick of them at this point LOL. That is the only thing about making one thing and eating it all week.  Plus I like variety but I know those weight watcher meals are so full of sodium. 
Any lunch suggestions for me?
Ok so I have about 7 more lbs to go to make my goal for this month.
So what I think I am going to do now, is take off my make up, get ready for bed, do some Bible reading and pack my gym bag for tomorrow. I actually LIKE going to the gym in the morning.
But its so awesome having that workout done and over in the AM!
I didn't work out at all today :(
Ok, so lets all put on our happy pants and do a little Friday Dance!


  1. Commence to dancing! :) I kwym about wanting variety. Even if I have a salad every day, I try to make it different in some way (meat, toppings, cheese, etc). I get bored easily. I'm glad my marriage has lasted 14 years. LOL

  2. Here are my go to lunches. PB and banana either rolled in a whole wheat tortilla or on wheat toast. Bagel thin sandwiches. Tuna salad on romaine. Hummus and veggies. Chicken breast cooked and topped with Pasta sauce or enchilada sauce and cheese. Steamed veggies on the side. OH or Chicken topped with BBQ sauce, cilantro, bacon pieces, and cheese!!!

  3. Oh that one is my favorite flip! I didn't like the key lime one much. If you email them your love for them they will send you coupons. (Said she that emailed to see if they were gonna come out with a full size coconut flavored cup)

  4. I usually take leftovers for lunch. I try to make extra so that we both have lunch the next day...if the girls don't snatch it up. Sometimes I do a buffalo chicken strip salad that is really good, Lean Cuisine meals but yeah watch the sodium. I don't have a lot either so I am curious to see what you come up with. Post ideas please. I actually got up this morning at 5am and came and got on the treadmill here at work so my workout is done for the day too! Boom! Girl, it is a lot of planning going from the gym and having to get ready for work without going home. We can do it though....we are doing so well.

  5. I have found the best little broccoli mix at Walmart. It is made by Pictsweet and it is in a little microwave box and the entire box is only 80 calories. I pair that with a chicken breast from home or KFC's grilled chicken breast. It makes a very healthy lunch. Tuna packed in olive oil and you squeeze the oil out and eat it with salad/fruit. If you have barely any time at all have a cup of cottage cheese and raw veggies (broccoli, baby carrots, etc.).


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