Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down!

Thumbs up to waking up early for the gym this morning!

Thumbs down to getting in my car and finding out I'm on EMPTY.

Thumbs up to getting gas after prolonging it (as far as I possibly could) and not getting stranded!

Thumbs down to being late to the gym.

Thumbs up to having a nice sweaty cardio sesh and burning a crap ton of calories anyway!

Thumbs way up to enjoying a new find for breakfast!

White chocolate chips and graham crackers? Heck yes.

Thumbs down to it not being as good as I imagined...

Thumbs up to lunch with Mama Bear at the new Chick fila!

I got the new Asian chicken salad and it was SO good!!!!!

Thumbs down to lunch not lasting as long as it should.

Thumbs way WAY up to Mama Bear for treating me to it :) Thanks Mama, I love you!

Thumbs down to me wanting more salad and eating too many chick fila mints, they are like CRACK!
Thumbs up to a healthy delicious snack.
Thumbs down to more rain and stormy-ness this afternoon, its hurting our sales this month!
Thumbs up to beating my INTENSE craving for takeout tonight.  Hubby was coming home the same time as me for ONCE and I really had to resist Mt. Fuji japaneese and La Unica hard! But I did it.
Thumbs down to Kitty Noel not wanting to be picked up and petted when I got home. Normally she wants a hug.
Thumbs up to a delicious dinner prepared by MOI that made Hubby SOOO happy. I mean he turned the tv down during Jeopardy! to tell me how good it was.
Omelet and Turkey Bacon
Thumbs down to eating a bowl of cereal too....eeeek.
Thumbs up to watching Hubby dance and sing/rap in the kitchen while he did dishes...:)
Did you have a thumbs up or thumbs down day?



  1. Came across your blog through Bloglovin and I really enjoy reading. I am a reformed fitness hater as well with my love being boxing. Look forward to reading more.


    1. Thanks Mistie, I followed you back! Your blog name is so cute, I love anything with Sparkles! haha. Thanks for reading and commenting, I love "meeting" yall!

  2. Mine was mostly thumbs up today, and I'm thankful for it! My hubby did the dishes tonight, too.... I didn't get a singing and dancing show, though. Lol Loved the link about turning the TV down during Jeopardy. True love girl, true love. :)

    1. Yay for hubbys doing dishes haha! how did we both pull that off?? LOL.

  3. I also had a mostly thumbs up today for the first time in a while. I ate good, got my water in, and went to boot camp. thumbs down for not being exhausted after work and boot camp, spending all evening doing homework, and being super sore today. My honey loooves that yogurt.

    1. Yay for thumbs up!!!! The yogurt wasn't bad, I might get it again!!!

  4. That is by far my favorite Chobani. I think I am in love with it, just a smidge.

    1. LOL!! I might go get more, I want to try all of them! I saw a mint chocolate chip chobani bite that someone posted and I want to try it next!!!

  5. I want Bill to dance and sing and do dishes!! Or just do dishes! You and Staci are lucky girls!! Enjoyed our lunch together this week! Have a great day baby girl! Love you, Mama


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