Friday, July 12, 2013

Food & Blisters

Hey loves, computer at home is still not working so I wanted to quickly touch base with you all and tell you that I got up at 6:15 am this morning to GO TO THE GYM!!!!

Yes folks, it happened. The gym is quite plesant on a friday morning come to find out!

I did 40 sweaty minutes of cardio and 2 machines. 

I got in the car to find a sweet text from Hubby seeing if I wanted to watch White House Down tonight...him and Channing on a friday night? Heck yes!

So luckilly those calories I burned, I can use on a small popcorn, which is a MUST for me.

Its like I cannot fathom going to a movie and NOT eating popcorn.


Not sorry.

Ok so anyways I am trying to eat 1200 anyway so I might get up to 1500 with the popcorn, I already tracked it on MFP.


Ok so last nights dinner was good!

Salmon burger and squash and green beans!

And then for lunch I treated myself to Subway...I have had NO fast food OR soda of any kind this week!!!!!

Ham and turkey with american cheese, veggies and mustard!!!!! I do not miss mayo at all really.

Well thats all she wrote BUT i have been thinking about my rewards and I think I have some finally hammered out that I cant wait to share with yall!!

Oh and in other news...I have a horrible blister on the bottom of my foot. So I spent clost to 15.00 today to fix this issue.  I asked on facebook as well as MLFC and got lots of good advice.

I got some blister things and moleskins as well as moisture wicking socks.  Let me know if you have any other tips, it was SERIOIUSLY paining me at the gym today. #notfun

Have a lovely weekend!!!

xoxoxo Lauryn


  1. I noticed yesterday while walking I am getting a blister again! :( It's on the side of my right big toe. Mine form in diff places because I'm so flat footed. Anyway, I have moisture wicking socks. When I walked my 5k that one time, I had like 4 or 5 HUGE blisters. So I really do think the socks are helping. But I still need to get the blister Dr. Scholl's stuff. :( At least now I know where to put them! LOL

  2. Food looks yummy! Great job hitting the gym :)

  3. So going to Subway today after seeing your pic! Yummmm!

  4. Im glad you and your hubby enjoy dates! go on as many as possible before kids come!!! lol :) I agree about the popcorn! A must! ps I love MFP whats your name on there?

    1. thanks Adrienne!!! we would have one every night if we had the money and it was up to me...haha!! Its lauryn86, find me!!! :)

  5. Way to go hitting the gym in the morning - that will forever be my goal and one of these days I will nail it! You are doing awesome :0)


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