Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fun day & a Frugal Tip!

Hello my faves!

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe new year's eve!

We spent the evening at my aunts house, she had a few of us over and my cousin bought everyone ribeyes!  My aunt made twice baked potatoes and a BIG salad and cheese fondue ugh, everything was SO yummy!! 

After we ate we played Battle of the Sexes and the BOYS won, ugh, but they had one more person on their team too, so it wasnt totally fair :( lol.

Then we shot off fireworks and welcomed in the new year!

This morning I slept in till like 10 AM! I cant remember the last time I did that! LOL.

I must have needed it. 

It was a dreary cold, rainy typical January morning.

I took down my ole Dunkin Donuts 2012 calendar and replaced it with my new cupcakes 2013 one!

And recorded my not so pretty number. Wahhh wahh.

Hubby made me a yummy egg mc muffin with cheese :)

240 cals
I also had coffee with 2 tbsp ff half and half
Then we sat down and created a budget!
That was not so fun..but it had to be done and I feel much better now!
So while I was in a "thrifty" mood, I needed to refill my soap and wanted to share with you all how I make liquid soap last.
I think I paid around 3.00 for this soap with a coupon and beside it is an empty bath and body works foam soap dispenser (if you dont have one sitting around-I saved mine; just go to BBW now because they are having their semi-annual sale and you can stock up now!)
So what you do is carefully add about 1/3 of soap into the empty dispenser.
And then slowly fill the rest of the way with water.  Next screw on the lid and CAREFULLY turn it upside down and then right side up a few times to get the soap mixed with the water.  Do not shake vigiourously. 
Then when it settles you will have this.
I removed the lables and I think it looks great.  ALSO the soap is awesome and works just as well as BBW.
TRY it yall, it will save you tons of money if you are a soap user like myself!
We had a weird lunch but it was yummy! We are trying to use what is in the freezer/pantry!
Grilled cheese, salad with ranch/cheese/olives/onion/bell pep/carrots and a half cup of pintos topped with onions and cheese.
About 417 cals
It was pretty filling too!!
We just layed around the house today and cleaned some and havent done a whole lot of anything!
It was nice :)
I did get my pink ipod shuffle up and running!!  Downloaded some AWESOME songs!
Like this one.
Then time for DIN DIN!
We had Yakisoba (from costco) and Egg roll (from costco)
690 cals
And to finish off my sweet tooth I had one of these
50 cals
I am definetly excited about the new year and what is in store for me and this little blog of mine.
I hope you all have a great 2013!!!
And as far as weight loss goes....when you think its getting too hard......just remember...YOU CHOOSE YOUR HARD!!!!!


  1. oh that york peppermint patty looks so good lol i had one on christmas yum is all i gotta say
    happy new year
    and ya i do the same with my soap its great works just as well and when ya have a kiddo who uses too much soap wellit saves ya a ton lol

    1. thanks bee!!! you are right the soap does save a lot of money!!! :)

  2. Lauryn. I'm an idiot and I've been replying to the emails I get when it says you've commented on a post--and they don't even go to you. I've basically been carrying on a conversation with myself and I've wondered why you don't want to email me back!

    Anyway. GIRL-I LOVE YOUR BLOG! We should do a link up. I love reading posts with lots of pictures. Keep up the good work!!

    Samantha Griffin --www.samsmithgriffin.blogspot.com

    1. hahaha awww thank you SO Much girl you are SO sweet! I am sooo sorry you have been having this one sided convo over here! LOL My email is lroth1986@live.com anytime you need it Hahaha. That is crazy wonder where its been going?? I would do a link up with you anyday girl! :)

  3. Oh and our MFP badges match right now!!! 29 pounds! (I round mine up to 30, because I dunno what the decimal was when I started)

    1. yayyy for matching badges!!! hehe we rock!


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