Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chinese & Channing

Thats right....due to the tornado watches that have been going on here combined with my very VERY stressful day at work....there has been some Chinese food...

...all other eats were basically same as yesterday...
I had a truffle chocolate thing (one) and part of another oatmeal pie and some popcorn while we watched tv....WHY DO I ADMIT THIS?
lol I definetly went over cals a bit but Channing Tatum's 10 Years on redbox kept me occupied!
We snuggled & watched movies!
Now Im sleepy and we are going to secure the front door before it blows off the hinges !!
Haha, for reals!! 
Be safe my loves!!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks suzi!!! :) we are fine now, thank the Lord!

  2. Hope you did ok last night. It was very windy but it was nice to have the heat off and the windows cracked. Hope today isn't so stressful for you. I know how work can be. So, you know I have been sucking at my eating lately right? I found out yesterday that Weight Watchers online is discounted through my employer so I joined. I am super excited about it and hope it's what I need to get my booty back on track!


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